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Q&A: Tips For Motivation, Summer Outfit Inspo, Advice for Your 20's & Am I Dating?

Hey hey hey! How are we doing? It has been a long ol' time since I updated you on all things TLOM, and god have I been bloody busy! I have just come back from a lovely staycation to York for the BH weekend (don't worry blog post pending!) and it was nice to relax.

If you have been keeping up with me over on my Instagram (I love ya!) You would've seen all things with my day-to-day life, from BTS of new jobs, artsy days in LDN and a whole load of wellness things. May has been the best month so far... and I am feeling grateful. How are you feeling though?

I recently, did a cheeky Q&A over on my IG about what you guys want to hear from me, and god, I got some fun-filled Q's I can't wait to dive in, so are you ready?

What is your life advice for 20-year-olds?

Ok, so your 20s are just bloody hard, and no matter how many of us share the same message about the hardships of navigating this stage in your life, it is hard. One of the major pieces of advice I tell myself is not to compare yourself to your peers (and those on socials), everyones '''20s'' are very different, some 20-year-olds are married and some are single, some live with their parents or some have a mortgage, some are travelling the world and some are growing their own business. Another go-to reminder is you aren't running out of time, you don't need to do everything before the age of 30, and things will work out in the end.

Check out my blog post about navigating your 20s here.

Do you have any cute outfit inspiration planned for the warmer weather?

If the weather ever stays sunny! Sigh. Well, I am loving three things currently 1) maxi skirts. They are such good investment pieces for your wardrobe as they are easy to dress up or down, maybe pair this with plimsolls and a tank top, or chunky trainers and a slogan tee. No 2) The trend animal print. This trend never goes out of style, and I would happily die wearing this. I love it from a cheetah print slip dress or hints at the print, like hair accessories or a handbag. Lastly no 3) Boxer shorts. Right, I am not one for denim shorts, I just don't find them comfortable, however, anything that is both loose-fitting and stylish is a win for me!

Are you currently dating? **insert eyes emoji**

LOL, what a question, long story short. No. I am not. I went on my first date in over a year back in 2024, and since then I just can't. be. arsed. Firstly, I don't have the time or energy to engage with men whilst focusing on my career and my wellness. It is not my priority. Secondly, how do you even meet people besides on dating apps? It is just so boring. Also, I lowkey just love being single, spending time in my own company and having my independence so...

Read the ultimate dating blog post here!

How do you stay motivated when it comes to your fitness?

I think when it comes to fitness, motivation only lasts for so long until it stops pushing you to get to the gym. It is all about... being disciplined when it comes to movement, adding it to your non-negotiables, and adding it into your daily routine. Some days I wake up and do not want to get out of bed, but I do it as I know it'll make me feel better. I also find if I don't fancy doing a type of movement (aka running lol) I choose to be more intuitive with my exercise, therefore staying disciplined. I am a girl all about the daily routine and would die on that hill, e.g. just like I would add a client meeting or a content creation sesh into my daily tasks, I do the same with movement. Just remember how amazing it is that we can move!

This Month’s Vibe: Doing the things I love the most, being happy with where I am currently, and living in the moment.

This Month's Little Moments That Mean the Most: Running my first-ever 10-miler charity race!

This Month’s Favourite: The Love of the Photo Dump- I am just obsessed

This Month’s Win: Two new exciting contracts, want to learn more about all things biz, check out my LinkedIn

This Month’s Rec: Funny Story by Emilie Henry, read it in less than 24 hours and loved it

This Month’s Motto: Do whatever the fuck makes you happy. Retweet.

And that's a wrap! Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!


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