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My Guide to Balancing it All as a Business Owner

Well hello there, how have we been? It is the Easter weekend, aka the ultimate time to grab a cuppa and dive into this blog post. Life has been busy as per, and with all my different ventures from setting up my own biz, content creation for The Life Of Molly and working a part-time job in retail, sometimes it is just a bit overwhelming. I wanted to dive into the quick and easy ways I keep life myself well... sane. From productivity hacks, my daily to-do's as well as making time for hobbies etc. So shall we start?

First things up: I Plan My Life

Some might say I am a bit too intense with my scheduling, but when you work for yourself maintaining motivation and conquering the ever-growing to-do list is paramount. To keep myself on track, I have a weekly planner or timetable (pictured below), as well as my content cal for myself, Zero Nine and clients. This tangible representation serves as my guiding light as I navigate through my day to day.

As part of my Sunday reset ritual, I dedicate time to meticulously map out the week ahead, from creating to do lists, checking my cal and building my timetable. This involves slotting in my morning and evening routines, carving out dedicated work blocks tailored to my calendar commitments, and pinpointing any deadlines. One of the things I prioritise is the balance between professional tasks and personal pursuits like scheduling workouts, walks and carving out time for a good book. I ensure my timetable accommodates these vital moments of self-care amidst the hustle and bustle of my work from content creation, shifts and any other work obligations.

This intentional approach not only keeps me accountable but also keeps me sane in the demanding landscape of entrepreneurship. It works well for me!

You can use my spreadsheet here!

Secondly: Make Sure to Add Non-Negotiables to Your To Do's

Apart from my professional tasks, I make sure to incorporate my non-negotiables into my daily routine, enhancing consistency and positivity throughout my day. Reflecting on my past experiences of neglecting these habits during my 9 to 5 grind and witnessing the shitty impact on my overall well-being, I now prioritise integrating these elements into my routine without fail. Therefore, I commit to the following rituals every day:

  1. I kickstart my day with a smash workout session, whether it's a Form class, hitting the gym, or going for a run, depending on my workout schedule, planned out in the notes app on my phone. If working from the comfort of my sofa, I make it a point to indulge in a midday HGW during lunch, breaking up my day whilst getting a bit of fresh air, significantly boosting my productivity.

  2. I also carve out time to delve into my book (normally a good ol' romance novel) dedicating anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to this pastime. As someone who spends extensive hours glued to my laptop and phone due to the nature of my work, reading serves as a delightful escape, and I particularly love to this activity as part of my evening wind-down routine.

  3. I incorporate small acts of self-care mood-boosters whenever possible. Depending on the day's busyness, this rituals could entail indulging in a luxurious bubble bath accompanied by a glass of Nosecco, habitstacking my ice rolling into my morning routine, or listening to my favourite podcasts. These seemingly insignificant gestures elevate my mood making even the busiest of days feel a tad brighter.

Lastly: I Incorporate Productivity Hacks that Work for Me

Productivity hacks come in all shapes and sizes, each offering a unique approach to help maximise their effectiveness. This includes my go to, the time-blocking technique, that breaks up the day into manageable chunks to the infamous Pomodoro Technique, which encourages focused bursts of work followed by short breaks, there's a method for every individual. I find both work really well, and I make sure to take those breaks when I need it! Off to make a cuppa after this!

I won't be the first or last to admit that I sometimes tend to get really distracted when working, from accidentally scrolling on Tiktok to getting up to do a wash, things like implementing the "Do Not Disturb" feature on ya phone can help maintain focus, if you really need to get down into the nitty gritty work!

Additionally, prioritising tasks using methods like the Eisenhower Matrix or the ABCDE method ensures that important tasks are tackled first. One of my top hacks is to avoid overwhelming your day with an excessive number of tasks; instead, prioritise what truly matters. My mantra is to aim for completing 2-3 significant tasks each day. For instance, today's agenda includes writing two blog posts, posting content for both clients and my own brand, and outlining the content calendar for The Life of Molly for April! By doing this, I leave room to incorporate enjoyable activities like catching up with family, indulging in my guilty pleasure, reality tv and fitting in a bubble bath!

This Month’s Vibe: Balancing all things work, life, friendship and fun.

This Month's Little Moments That Mean the Most: Having a long distance pal come down for the cutest weekend, of sushi, London exploring and brunchin!

This Month’s Favourite: It has got to be Fete in Chelmsford, go for the mushroom benedict, matcha and hashbrowns!

This Month’s Win: Becoming an ambassador for a fav wellness brand of mine 'The Skinny Confidential'. use code 'TSCpartner' for 15% off.

This Month’s Rec: Binge watch MAFS Australia, grab a drinky poo, get in your jammies and enjoy some great reality tv.

This Month’s Motto: Stop letting your potential go to waste because you don't feel good enough.

Well there ya go. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and are consider what hacks, tips or lessons will you take away from this! Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!


Love Molly! xoxo


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