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How to Date Yourself (Single Girl Tips)

Hey huns, how are you doing? Happy Valentine's Eve Eve. Personally, I find V Day a bit of a meh day, minus the cute aesthetics of the pink hearts and bows and flowers, it all just seems a bit .... meh.... not because I am single but also because why do we think we need to show off our significant other on only one day of the year, or why do we need to buy gifts, flowers or treat your partner to a fancy dinner because it is February 14th? It is only a Wednesday guys....

Instead, I am spending my February, committing to dating myself, enjoying my own company and giving myself all the extra love, because self-love is king right? Check out the fun ways to date yourself below...

Romanticise Having a Bath:

  • I swear the ultimate girl therapy is a bubble bath...Take a long hot bath, pamper yourself with skincare, get out your go-to romance novel, and indulge in utter relaxation.

Me? Coffee Date? Yes Please:

  • Go to a café or restaurant that you've been wanting to try. Enjoy your go- to coffee order, read a book and enjoy treating yourself to a cute solo date out.

Trashy Tele is Your New Boyf:

  • Treat yourself to a TV night with your favourite reality TV series, light your candles, make a fruity little mocktail, and order a delivery (Nandos? Yes please.) And just enjoy your own company.

Self Care? Nailed it:

  • Book a beauty maintenance appointment this month, whether that is getting your nails done. or a cheeky facial. Always a good idea to invest in those things that make you feel good.

Get a Bit Handsy:

  • Take an evening to either discover a new hobby or revisit an old one. Whether it's painting, cooking, or pottery, invest time in an activity that brings you joy, makes you turn off your phone, and boosts ya mood.

Be a Cultured Gal:

  • One of my favourite solo dates is to head into London and directly to an art museum. Grab a matcha, and just wander around all the artwork, allowing yourself to absorb the cultural and artistic goodness around you.

Let's Get Physical:

  • Girlies love getting hot and sweaty. Take a day this month and focus predominately on your physical health, whether it's a pilates session, a HGW, or a fitness class, prioritise your health and get ya heart racing.

Remember, dating yourself is about enjoying your own company and doing things that bring you happiness and fulfilment, if you rather have an everything shower than a bath, or hit a wine bar than grab a matcha, you do you! Tailor these ideas to suit your preferences and make each self-date a special and memorable experience!

And there we have it, enjoy all the self-lovin'! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!


Love Molly! xoxo


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