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My Guide To York, Sticking To A Routine & Where To Next

Well hello there, happiest of Mondays. I hope you are well!? As promised in my last blog post, I am jumping into all things travel today, from my go-to recs after my trip to the beautiful city of York, little ways I stick to a routine when I am on my holidays and any bucket list destinations I am planning to go to. So let's dive in.

For the bank holiday weekend, the family and I travelled up North to York. Now, York is such a gorgeous city, rich in history and has similarities to Edinburgh. We were there from Friday to Monday, so had plenty of time to explore the city, eat our way around and of course, took plenty of piccies. We arrived Friday evening and stayed at a lovely Air BnB in the dead centre of the city, within walking distance from everything we needed. On Friday we went for a delish (!!!) dinner at the Sora Sky Bar at the Malmaison, specialising in Asian Fusion cuisine, aka a favourite of ours. A personal recommendation was the Tuna Tataki and the Black Cod.

Next up, Saturday... we hit over 20,000 steps so it was a proper jam-packed day, starting with a banging brunch at Brew and Brownie, be warned, there is always a queue, but it is worth it. I had the sweetcorn fritters, with avocado, eggs and salsa. We then headed off for a treasure hunt throughout the city, an interactive way to learn about the city's rich history and get your steps in, which was fun and one I would definitely recommend to those who might be heading to a UK city break. As an art enthusiast, I cannot skip the York Art Gallery, where Mum and I saw a range of artwork including the Monet exhibition. I also discovered a newfound artist I LOVE, Michaela Yearwood-Dan. One of my other recommendations (especially if you are a foodie like me) is the Shambles Market, just off the iconic Shambles Street. At the market, there is a variety of foodie stalls from Pizza, Fish and Chips and Crepes. We enjoyed a tasty crepe at the Krep trunk, a proper mid-afternoon treat. To end our Saturday evening, before heading back for Sat night tele, we went on the Mad Alice's Ghost Tour, this is another must-do if you are in the city. I loved 1) Alice's character 2) the rich history of the city 3) the ghostliness.

To finish my whistle-stop tour of York, let's talk about Sunday, the weather was quite crap (very rainy) but it didn't stop us, we went for a quick brunch, a quick wander and shop (hello Yorkshire Soap Co & Waterstones) and obviously, we went on a bus tour. It has to be done. After, we headed to an AMAZING Sunday roast at the Star Inn, where I thoroughly enjoyed a chicken roast and the sexiest chocolate cake, and ended our bank holiday weekend on a river cruise, which was a nice cherry on top of a lovely trip away!

When I was away for the weekend, I did little things that kept me in somewhat of a routine, just for my sanity (lol). I worked out every morning before heading off with my family. This has NOTHING to do with the diet when I was away, I enjoyed my food when I was away as I do when in my normal day-to-day. I just love to move my body, even if it is a Pilates class for 30 minutes. It also is a great way to keep this habit going, when you come back from your trip. Another small thing I try to do is get a consistent sleeping pattern when I am away, going to bed at a normal(ish) time, making sure to wind down and read my book before I head to sleep, and waking up at a consistent time, all benefitting my circadian rhythm.

And now, I am waiting for my next trip, tehehe. I currently only have one major holiday booked this year, heading off to Crete with the family in September just after my Birthday, which will be utterly divine and completely needed as the summer is not summering in Britain right now. (I have had to put my heating back on in June what the actual F?) I would also love to head to a Euro city break for my Birthday, depending on how busy life is, and if my bestie sees this blog post... *wink wink* Another city break I am heading to is Hamburg with my sister at the end of the year, for the Xmas markets! Minus these trips, I am also planning to head to Malta with a friend & head to Tenerife with the family early next year. So we shall see! You'll be the first to know.

And there we have it, this blog post reminded me of the old blogging days IYKYK. Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!


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