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How to Reset & Realign For the New Year

Well hello there, merry chuffin Christmas! Are you listening to Mariah Carey on repeat, are you struggling to find gifts for others (check this out), or are you just raring to hit 2024 all goals blazing? It is officially less than one month until 2024 (what the...!) And it is the ultimate time to start getting pumped up for the new year, the goals, all the resolutions blah blah blah. I get how anxiety-inducing it all feels to start planning for 2024, but I am here to help shift the perspective from being anxious to inspired for the new year, I am here to change the narrative!

In this mini blog post, I am sharing some journal prompts to reflect on 2023, tips on how to get the most out of the final month of 2023, and how to learn from what 2023 taught you in preparation to smash your goals for 2024.

First up, reflect on your vision board and your 2023 goals.

My goals for 2023 were: get a job I love, stick to a consistent gym routine, read 23 books, travel to 3 new places, cook more, create more content on my Instagram, and try 6 new hobbies - the majority that I achieved. After I went through my breakup back in February, a lot in my life changed, including my vision board, but I do believe I also envision everything on my mood board below, from moving in on my own to travelling to new places and sticking to my workout routine consistently.

  • What were your goals?

  • What did you achieve?

  • What didn't you achieve?

  • Why do you think you didn't achieve these goals?

  • Were they no longer aligned with your life?

  • Were you lazy/ unmotivated?

  • What happened this year that you didn't plan?

  • Did you create too many ''unrealistic goals''?

  • Did life throw you a curveball?

Secondly, reset for 2024...create a vision board for 2024, and list out your goals.

Based on the goals I set for 2023, my goals for 2024 have a similar theme throughout; I want to grow my social media agency Zero Nine next year, I want to read another 50 books in 2024, I want to travel to another 2 new places, I want to continue to grow The Life of Molly and reach 5000 followers over on Instagram, and I want start teaching training to become a Pilates teacher!

  • What goals from 2023, do you want to take into 2024?

  • What are the clear goals for success?

  • What are the main topics on your 2024 vision board? (Career, Hobbies, Finance, Relationships)

  • What can you start in December e.g. the daily habits to help start achieving these goals?

  • What do you need to change to become the best version of yourself to complete these?

  • What bitesize tasks can you start to do now to help create these goals?

  • What does your ideal schedule look like to complete these goals?

  • What do you need to do each month to achieve the tasks?

And there we have it, thanks for reading and I hope it helped you prepare for 2024! Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!

Love Molly! xoxo


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