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How to Romanticise the F Outta Your Summer

Wake up babe, summer is finally here! And we Brits are loving it, from the heat wave, to the endless BBQs to the #WFG (work from the garden). It is a literal vibe. We want to make this season the best season yet, right?

Before I get into the tangible tips and all that groovy stuff to make this the ultimate summer, life updates. This month I have been quiet over on socials because I started a dream job as a Senior Social Media Executive at Me: Mo and life has just been so fabulous. It has been utterly amazing to 1) work for an agency that has super cool hospitality clients, but also 2) work somewhere with a company culture that supports and respects you. And with that, I just want to remind everyone that if a situation (work, relationships or friendships) is not benefiting your mental health and making you feel shit. Leave.

Besides being a corporate girlie, other highlights of the month include getting back into my normal gym routine, being a shameless bookworm and enjoying a weekend in Leigh on Sea with my sister where we spent the weekend indulging in brunch, seeing Southend on an open-top bus and a game of mini golf.

2023. 12 chapters. Let's do this.

Mid Year Check In

First things first, let's get down to the hot girl shit and journal. It is time to reflect on the last season, the last six months and how 2023 is going. Get out your pen and paper and let's work through this together.

What were your biggest highlights from the spring season?

My biggest highlights of the last 3 months were: Starting a new job that excites me, hitting my initial goal of reading 23 books in 2023, enjoying and appreciating the single life and travelling to Mexico.

Areas of growth in the last three months?

I have become more comfortable being alone in social situations and enjoying my own company. I have gained confidence in the gym, and therefore hit PBs. I have learnt to trust the timing of my life and know that the right opportunity is waiting for me, always.

What does this season mean to you? And what is your summer theme?

This season's theme is all about being happy, healthy and balanced. I want to really focus on my career as I love my job, I want to stay consistent with my routine and my wellness goals, and I also want to live in the moment, enjoy travelling and see my pals.

What are your intentions for your mind, your body and for your soul for a balanced and happy summer? For me, this season's intentions are living by my non-negotiables. I want to keep my bedroom clean, live a sober life and not get overwhelmed by FOMO, stay focused on a healthy work/life balance, drink plenty of water, read 5-6 books, try a pottery class and travel to two European destinations.

R u Ready to Romanticise?

1- Create a New Summer Routine

First up, based on the goals you have for the summer season adjust your daily habits accordingly to make the most of your time. My daily habits are slightly different compared to the autumn/ winter months, I am heading out for more hot girl walks, I wake up earlier because of the sunlight, and I eat more salads rather than soups.

2- Create a Summer Playlist

The ultimate way to romanticise the F outta your life is looking at life with rose-tinted glasses and viewing your day-to-day as a Netflix show, that has the greatest frickin' soundtrack. You can listen to my summer playlist here.

3 - Create a Pinterest Board

This one is for the visual huns! Create a board all inspired and based on your summer theme, energy and the ultimate vibes. Think food, aesthetics, places to travel, and daily habits. AND, make this the cutest solo/ pal date. Make yourself a fruity mocktail, chuck on your playlist and enjoy getting creative.

4 - Embrace the Slow Girl Era

Life goes by like really really fast, especially when we have a billion different things on our plate, like work, socialising, exercising and household chores. So make sure to slow down and enjoy the little things that aren't so little For example, reading a good beach read, watching the sunset go down, and dancing around in your kitchen.

5- Make a Summer Bucket List

On the flip side, it is time to make the most of the summer season, this is your reminder to not let the summer pass you by and make it actionable.

Some ideas on my bucket list include:

  • Watching the sunset with a fruity mocktail in Tenerife

  • Wander (and get lost) in a European city

  • Have a solo pottery date whilst relaxing in the garden

  • Host a mocktail & pizza date night for a pal

  • Wake up and do pilates in the garden

6- Commit to Digital Detox Days

Social media is both the best and worst thing, right? Coming from someone who makes a living out of all things marketing, it can be mentally draining to scroll endlessly, especially during summer. So take a break. We all tend to judge ourselves on what others are sharing, what people are doing, and what others look like.

7- Stop Waiting for Special Occasions to Enjoy Life

Take this tip as a sign to celebrate, to wear that dress, to enjoy life. I think after the pandemic and all the negativity in the news, we should really realise there is magic in embracing everyday life, For me, this is getting a matcha latte, walking around London, and eating Thai food, honestly, life is too short.

8- Curate a Morning, Lunch and After-Work Routine

Prioritise the small daily rituals in which we prioritise our self-care and our goals. I love a bit of 'me time' and I make sure to schedule this every day. AM: Wake up, work out and have a nice brew. Midday: Take my lunch break and head for a walk. PM: Read my book and enjoy Love Island.

This Month’s Vibe: Being booked and busy at work, and letting the passion show.

This Month's Little Moments that Mean the Most: Being body confident and wearing the damn bikini because I want to (and because it is 30 degrees!)

This Month’s Favourite: Shamelessly scrolling the underdog of social media, Pinterest, for daily inspiration.

This Month’s Win: A new job. End of.

This Month’s Rec: In need of a good summer read? Dive into Booktok's fav, 'Cleopatra and Frankenstein.' Low-key loved it.

This Month’s Motto: Life is a journey, if you fall in love with the journey you will fall in love with life forever.

And that's a wrap! If you can't wait another month for July's blog post, I got you! Keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!

Love Molly xoxo


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