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TJR, Goal Setting & a Whole Lotta Self-Lovin

February is the month of a whole lotta lovin'. And first things first, I want to share my utter love for you for coming back to my blog and checking out what I did over the last month. And oh, I have been busy.

February is the shortest month, but it felt jam-packed... from heading back to Essex for a breath of countryside air, to learning my love language, to practising daily acts of self-care.

2023. 12 chapters. Let's do this.

My favourite habit is goal setting

Did you know statistically 80% of people give up on their NY resolutions by February? Well, not in this house. I am a little goal-getter and wanted to discuss my goals for this month

  • Read 4 books

I am currently in my TJR (Taylor Jenkins Reid) Era, and she just has a way with words. One True Loves moved me to tears and I needed at least 3 working days to recover from the heartbreak. Also, any fellow Taylor Jenkins Reid fans run, don't walk to Amazon Prime in a week's time Daisy Jones & the Six will be out...

  • Commit to 1x act of self-love daily

No matter how small this act of self-love is: putting makeup on, making a cup of tea, running myself a bath, having a PJ day, lighting a candle and watching the new series of YOU on Netflix. It makes me feel better

  • Journal every AM & PM

My journalling peeps know how productive and clear journalling makes you feel about the day. From writing daily gratitude, time blocking and writing your to-do list, to meal prep and gym plan

  • Create 2x new reels weekly

I have been staying consistent with my content creation game, and I have been loving how creative I have been so far in 2023

  • Move my body daily & stay committed to 5x HGWs per week

I am living by including daily movement in my everyday routine and exercise has become a non-negotiable habit

  • Try a creative hobby

For Valentine's Day celebrations, Rhys and I did a candle-making class from Noah, and it was lots of fun and a great (solo) date night to get creative and not spend our evening scrolling on Tiktok

  • Eat healthy & stay hydrated

Water is that bish. Veggies are that bish. Homemade meals are that bish.

Love Language 101

During the month of love, I decided to sit down and research into what’s my preferred love languages and how I can show myself these or use these in my relationship- (see my graph below)

Learn your love language here.

Words of affirmation:

  • Practice daily affirmations: EG- · I am successful. · I am confident. · I am powerful. · I am strong

  • Journal 1) what you are grateful for, 2) what you love about yourself, 3) what would make today great

  • Positive self-talk. Sometimes its easier to talk shit about yourself, every morning look in the mirror and tell yourself 2 things you love about yourself (1 appearance, 1 personality)

Acts of service:

  • Cook healthy meals. And enjoy the tasty hard work

  • Stay organised and clean. There are many mental benefits to decluttering, take 15 mins per day for a quick clean

  • Shower yourself with love and care. Literally... grab a shower, some fancy body wash, and a face mask and enjoy

Receiving gifts:

  • Buy only what you love. I am a Starbies lover, and my serotonin levels fly when I have a sip of my iced latte- buy something that makes you smile

  • Invest in your brain. There are so many free platforms to learn something new, or maybe go to an IRL class (I have booked an earring-making class and buzzing to go!)

  • Treat yourself to a holiday- duh, who doesn't want to hop on a plane and explore different destinations of the world

Quality time:

  • Set aside time for daily mindfulness practices. Meditation is the shit, but doesn't have to be sitting in silence - I love walking meditations or taking time to think

  • Make time for leisure and hobbies. Something I've learnt in my unemployment journey, is hobbies are so amazing- from reading, painting, cooking, writing etc

  • Prioritise sleep and exercise. I should have this tattooed on me (lol)

Physical touch:

  • Stretch your muscles and give yourself a massage. Especially if you had a tough gym sesh

  • Release toxins by taking a hot bath. Me and a bubble bath- a modern day love story

  • Give yourself a spa treatment. I love a good face mask. eye lamination, tanning, and waxing my legs, a good way to save money

This Month’s Vibe: Self-love will fix all of your f***ing problems

This Month's Little Moments that Mean the Most: A HGW in the London sunshine, with a Starbies Iced Vanilla Oat Latte whilst listening to my go-to lifestyle podcasts

This Month’s Favourite: Healthy gut- healthy life, with the Biomel Complete Gut Belgian Chocolate Powder- tastes yum, and does some serious goodness

This Month’s Win: Being featured on a wellness podcast, where I talked about Lucky Girl Syndrome, daily habits and mindset when it comes to being unemployed. Check it out here

This Month’s Rec: Form App by Sami Clarke, as mentioned in my previous blog post, this is part of my workout split and I am obsessed (especially with how good I feel afterwards!)

This Month’s Motto: Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end

And that's a wrap! If you can't wait another month for March's blog post, I got you! Keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!

Love Molly xoxo


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