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7 Simple Things To Do To Improve Your Mood

Hi hunnies, how are you? Feeling blue? Has all the January motivation hit a wall? Are you dreaming of sunnier and warmer days? Me too. Well, it is officially Blue Monday, coined by a UK travel company, Sky Travel, as the most depressing day of the year. Go figure. But, I am here to make today, this week, and hopefully the rest of the month a little bit easier with 7 simple things to do to brighten your day, improve your mood and hopefully make you smile.

Move your Body:

  • Get up out ya bed and engage in physical activity, even if it's just a short walk or a cosy yoga class at home. I have loved trialling new types of exercises throughout the last month like Hot Pod Yoga and Reformer Pilates at Ten Health & Fitness, this is known as cross-training, a way to vary your fitness program by combining different types of exercise activities. Fun and exciting. PS: you can use my code ''3PTGQY'' for a free class!

Reach out to your Pals:

  • I get it when you feel like shit, you don't want to reach out to your nearest and dearest. But spending time with our friends, family, or loved ones is a major mood booster, as social interaction can provide support and even give you the chance to talk about your overall well-being. Even a 20-minute phone call on your lunchtime walk will brighten ya day! (& is a perfect example of habit stacking!)

Listen to Your Go-To Artist :

  • I am a sucker for a sad girl playlist, hello Taylor Swift was my top artist in my Spotify Wrapped! But to boost ya mood, you need to listen to happy, cheerful and upbeat music. Create a playlist of your favourite uplifting tunes, and get up and dance, sing into your hairbrush and perform to the imaginary crowds.

Treat Yourself:

  • Do something you enjoy, end of! Whether it's reading a book, running a bubble bath, or something as small as making a cuppa tea! Just taking a moment for yourself will just make you feel 10x happier.


  • Watch a funny movie or TV show. A current obsession of mine is the trashy tele including The Traitors or The Masked Singer, good tele where I can just sit and enjoy it. As much as I love a psycho-thriller, an episode of Friends might just be the one to boost your mood, as having a good laugh triggers the release of endorphins and can instantly lift your spirits.

Plan Something to Look Forward to:

  • I love adding things to my diary, that have nothing to do with my work or content creation, whether that is a dinner date with a pal, a staycation later on this year, or a weekend yoga class. Anticipating positive experiences with friends or on your own can boost ya mood and make ya feel just a bit better.

Organise Your Life:

  • Clean space, clean mind and all that shit. If you haven't had a new year reset, this is the perfect chance to tidy up your life. A clean and organised environment can have a positive impact on your mental well-being. One of my new habits for 2024 is committing to a daily closing shift, aka Tiktok's trend of cleaning the floor, wiping down the surfaces and putting everything away, so when you wake up the next morning everything looks clean and fresh!

And there we have it, happy Blue Monday, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!


Love Molly! xoxo


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