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6 Hacks to Help Fight The Winter Blues

Hello peeps, how is the lack of sunlight treating you? It is tough isn't it? You 1) don't want to get out to bed in the morning because it is -10 degrees and 2) it gets dark at 3 pm, making that mid-afternoon slump even worse. All motivation heads out the window, and you just want to have a 'rot day' rolled up in your duvet, eating dominoes and watching Harry Potter...again. I am not judging, the winter blues hit.

In this mini blog post, I wanted to share a couple of hacks to help make these next months a little bit easier. I feel the winter blues even more now than before, and living alone I am now my own motivator, so I am here to motivate you!

My Hack No. 1: Create a Mindful Routine

Establish a daily schedule and set achievable goals to provide structure and a sense of purpose when you feel utter shit. Having small tangible goals will help reduce feeling sad and lethargic. For example: 1) getting out of bed, and making it 2) heading outside for some fresh air 3) committing to a bit of skincare (and using moisturiser.)

My Hack No. 2: Get Your Vitty D or A Light Therapy Lamp

I try my hardest to head outside a couple of times a day during ''daylight'' hours to increase exposure to natural light. I am aware British weather does us dirty so you can invest in a light therapy light to help us out. It is thought that this type of light may cause a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood.

My Hack No. 3: Intuitively Exercise

I know this is a harder one but has the biggest benefits, annoying when that happens eh? But Incorporating regular physical activity into your routine releases endorphins reduces stress and boosts ya mood. Maybe try an autumnal walk during your lunch break or a class of hot yoga to warm you up in the evenings.

My Hack No. 4: Take Time To Enjoy Your Hobbies

No matter the hobby, from computer games, knitting or baking, committing to a hobby can be 1) really therapeutic, 2) really rewarding 3) a good distraction from how you might be feeling. My go-to hobby at the moment is turning my phone on DND, making a brew and reading a good book. Perfect distraction.

My Hack No. 5: Have a Good Night's Sleep

I feel like this greyer and bleaker weather, makes me even more tired. I definitely believe with the season changes, your body changes and you become even more tired. Make sure to prioritise sleep with a regular sleep schedule, a comfy sleep environment, and a good wind-down routine before bedtime, from less screen time, a bit of self-care and daily reflections.

My Hack No. 6: Allow Rot Days

We are all human, and we all have moments where we feel shit. So don't go too hard on yourself when your daily routine goes out the window and you do need to just rest. Just remind yourself that today is one day, and tomorrow is a new opportunity to get back into that routine that helps you the most.

And there we have it, thanks for reading and I hope it helped you feel even an inch brighter! Catch ya in the next blog post, until then keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!

Love Molly! xoxo


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