Where To Explore In Mykonos...

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Greetings from a newly 21-year old Molly, I am currently typing this from my sofa in yet again another quarantine with serious serious holiday blues. I have left my soul in Mykonos.  It was the best holiday and birthday celebrations and therefore I wanted to share it all with you.

The R and R 

First things first, let's go to the hotel. We stayed in the most amazing and beautiful Boutique Hotel Kensho Psarou. In my opinion, my favourite hotel we have ever stayed at. Like ever. Some of my favourite highlights include having our own hot tub in the bedroom which Lotty and I thoroughly enjoyed, by looking at the views of the ocean, checking out the yachts, all whilst sipping on a cocktail. Another highlight is the delicious food and drinks at the hotel, I fell in love with the sushi (and had it most days) and I'm now officially a tuna maki roll, yum. Lastly, I loved the chilled vibes, with the music, the beach and the ultimate relaxation of full body massage I had at the spa. Oh, how I miss this.

The Party

A little party never killed nobody. And God, does Mykonos have a lot of partying to offer. We went to a couple of beach bars whilst we were away, I mean we were celebrating. All the beach bars we ventured to had very different USP's. First up the ultimate beach club: Santanna, we went their for my birthday and I loved it. It was my favourite beach bar we explored. Here's why: 1) the lazy river design in the pool 2) the frozen strawberry daiquiris 3) the party music. Another beach bar was Jackie O's, where there USP is an extraordinary performance from the drag artist Priscilla, and it did not disappoint. Lastly, Principote, another similar beach bar destination, with lovely food and beautiful Grecian interiors. If you were to explore these beach bars, make sure to venture to Principote in the evening, as that's where the party really starts. Anyone for another cocktail?

The Culture

Minus all the partying, the beach bars and all the sushi. I fell in love with the culture and the history of Mykonos. If you are a culture lover like me, you need to explore Mykonos Town, a maze of white and blue buildings, independent shops and lots of teeny restaurants (we had an amazing Gyros kebab on our last night!) We explored Little Venice, a piece of Italy just on the water and enjoyed a cocktail or two. Another cultural destination we ticked off is the Windmills, overlooking the ocean. Lastly, I wanted to walk around and explore a more recent piece of fashion culture and we headed to Nammos Village, where Dior, Gucci and Balenciaga (to name a few) are situated.

The Sunset

Sunsets in Mykonos are just indescribable. Honestly, absolutely beautiful. We watched them from Little Venice, at Scorpios and at the most atmospheric place called 180 Degrees Sunset Bar. If you go to Mykonos, please go there. The views of the sun setting and of Mykonos town are just wow. Scorpios is another must-do when heading to Mykonos, go later in the afternoon, enjoy the delish food (I had the steak tartare), the prosecco (obvs!), the music (been listening to the Scorpios playlist, so I can relive the memories!) and enjoy the sunset.

The Food

Coming back from these 9 days of food, drink, and more food. I am now double the size of before, but it was worth it. Minus the amazing food at the hotel, of pancakes, sushi and spaghetti carbonara and at the beach bars of more sushi, whole seabasses and much more. I need to mention the restaurants we also ventured to, Koursaros, Kalita and Spila. Koursaros is an insanely good fish restaurant, if you know me I am a massive fish lover, and it is situated in the centre of Mykonos town. I had the nicest Sole Meuniere. Kalita, a hidden restaurant in Mykonos town served the yummiest risotto. Lastly, a hidden gem of a restaurant was Spila (if you follow Sarah Ashcroft, you might recognise the views) Spila is a refurbished cave, eating a whole fish whilst looking out at the ocean. Heavenly.

There we have it, the best trip of my life all wrapped up and shared with you in a blog post. If you want to (virtually) be a part of my holiday watch my VLOGS here: Pt 1 and Pt 2.

I had the best birthday, the best holiday, and now I'm (slowly) back to reality, university and eating and living well, I mean it is still my birthday month, and I am continuing the celebrations *wink wink*. I will be back very soon.

Love Mols x