Welcome to The 20's

Bonjour huns, happy Sunday! How is everyone, how has everyone's week been?

It was my birthday last week (YAY) and I celebrated turning 20 in Paris, keep reading to find out all about my birthday celebrations and my weekend away. Over the last week/ 10 days, I have had so many fab celebrations, does no one else have a birth- MONTH or am I just extra? hehe.

One of my friends Izzy took me to afternoon tea, which was super cute, Bridgitte took me to Junkyard Golf and dinner, it was so much fun, and Fin took me to a spa in Colchester, relaxation mode on, which we both needed. I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends, thank you huns.

I've had an amazing end to being 19 years old, especially in the last 6 months! The last year, on reflection has been 12 months of personal growth, self discovery and I have accomplished and defeated a lot of crap. Proud of myself!

I can't wait for this next chapter...

So Mon Anniversaire in Paris

If I hadn't made it obvious, I went to Paris for my birthday weekend, which was a really exciting birthday celebration. After the travels on my birthday which started with Lotty so kindly buying me a little cupcake and a Kir Royale, we arrived at the apartment where my mum and her colleagues where, sadly, there doing a trade show in Paris.... I did it last year, it is hard work and a lot of walking.

We woke up on the Saturday, and Lotty and I went to DISNEY YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!

Well I was the birthday princess, actually I'm a princess yearly. Disneyland was so much fun, we went on all our favourite rides including 'tower of terror', 'space mountain', 'buzz lightyear', sadly, some of them were shut, but the day was still amazing. We ate at Planet Hollywood and SHOCK I had Mac n cheese and a cocktail.... Another highlight was the Disney parade!!! Trust me, you are NEVER too old for Disney, just sprinkle dat fairy dust!!! For the weekend we were staying in the centre of Paris, which was really lovely to explore. I love taking in the scenery and being a tourist, and I loved this little corner, a diamond in the rough, as ya probably know I'm a sucker for magazine collaging, and this caught my eye....

On the Saturday night, we had a little birthday dinner which was so yum, I had steak tartare followed by chicken and mash, good whole hearted food. We also went back to the apartment and watched Bridget Jones Diary, one of my fav films. It was a lovely night. The Sunday was the day we travelled back to the UK as Lotty had work on the Monday, so we were proper tourists and wandered along the river Seine, we did a LOT of steps.... I was exhausted. We visited the Notre Dame, which was emotional, and also visited the Louvre and walked all the way up to the Champs Elysees..... for another bowl of pasta this time Tagliatelle Carbonara (with a couple of cheeky Kir Royals) the pasta coma was my pal this weekend.

I honestly love Paris, and it almost feels as though its become a little birthday tradition as the last couple of birthdays I've spent my birthday weekend there, where I spend the weekend exploring, eating and celebrating. Im so grateful and thankful to be able to have experiences like this, especially to celebrate turning 20.

Back to reality now... after a long summer holiday, going to Spain, the last two weeks have been insanely busy full of eating and drinking, I do feel like I've been living in a little bubble. This weekend was another birthday celebration as I'm with all my family, opening pressies, having our final BBQ (YES PLEASE) and spending time together. I'm starting Uni tomorrow at Fashion Retail Academy, a big start to being 20, eek, starting a new uni/ college/ school/ job is nerve-wracking but exciting, and I am trying to remember that everyone is in the same boat, advice if you need some...

Woah. Still can't believe I am 20 years old, I am a Fashion University student, and I have never been so excited for an age. Good things are pending, I can feel it huns.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your week, speak soon....

Love Mols xx