Welcome To My Crib. (Moving House Pt 2)

Hey, how are you? I hope you are well. I have been uber busy with a lot of stuff going on. And that is why this blog post and belated video, of the House Tour, are very very delayed. To be honest with you, I wanted to experience more about the move, the ups and downs, and make sure I can give you the full 360 of what's been going on in the Life of Molly.

This lifestyle blog post is the more aesthetically pleasing part of moving house adventures, so keep reading and enjoy.

Let us go back to around this time a month ago, on the weekend of the 19th June we had just moved all our day to day belongings from the holiday home, and all our boxes and furniture from storage into the new home. It was a long weekend, consisting of takeaways, glasses prosecco, and a lot of Fitbit steps. Now guys, let me tell you- it was a big old mess, there were boxes everywhere, and I mean everywhere. No joke, there was a point you could barely move around the house, there was just so much STUFF everywhere. It was a little bit on the stressful side.

It took about 10 days to get the whole house fully straight, and even then, there were (and still are) jobs to be complete. This included unpacking never-ending boxes, trying to figure out where all our plates would go, books would go, where the candles would go (my mum has about a billion, not exaggerating)... To figure out the floor- plan of the rooms, where a sofa might go, where you want a mirror to go, where is the best lighting. My head hurt the first week after the move, and the cherry on top of this cake was I had a university deadline 2 weeks after moving in. (Don't worry, I managed to get it on in time!)

The first week of the move, we had no wifi, and for a family who have an E-commerce business and a university student who has an internship, it was a little annoying. I was going into my parent's office daily, which was weird as I wanted to be sorting out the house, and I missed my family. Also, we had lost our Skybox, much to my dad's annoyance. We are still not fully sure where or how we lost it, maybe it'll show up in the future, who knows.

Anyways, let me hit you with my pride and joy, my new haven (and a little piece of heaven you could say), my new babies: my room(s). If you read and remember 2 blog posts ago, part 1 of moving house, I mentioned my ideas for my bedroom, dressing room, and my two bathrooms, I even shared my Pinterest mood board full of home inspiration with you. And well, my ideas didn't disappoint. Below is a little image gallery of my room(s), and honestly they are my favourite thing ever. Hello, heart eyes.

So let us end this blog post and the stressful move on a positive note, because well it is such a new and exciting chapter. After not having anywhere to live, to spending the first part of lockdown in a holiday home, to having our own house.

The house is beautiful and really does feel like home. It obviously still needs a little work done, we needed a new dishwasher, doors that actually close, and a lot of paint, and new curtains are pending. But like the great quote states: Rome wasn't built in a day, and just like that this house will not the luxurious and stylish house (just yet), I'll give you an update by the end of 2020...

Thank you for reading, for catching up on The Life Of Molly. I am off to Spain tomorrow for a well deserved rest after a very busy and stressful couple of months.

Speak soon, Love Mols x