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Good Evening, how is everyone? Welcome to September!

My life is hectic currently, been going out a lot and I am lovin it. Days out and dinners in London have become a recurring theme over the last week, so I thought I'd do a food blog, because who doesn't want to read about delicious food and funky restaurants, I'm like your own little Trip Advisor!

Sidenote- MASSIVE thanks for the love and support from the last blog post, means a hella lot that people are interested in what I'm writing about, especially as it was such an important blog post. Keep sharing The Life Of Molly!!!

The Cheese Bar, Camden Market

Erm ok, did I die and end up heaven? I 100% think that my veins are just cheese, and I'm content with that fact. Cheese is the best. Sorry if your not a cheese lover :(

I went here for Bank holiday weekend, and well first off, the weather in Camden was HAWTTT, and I had such a lovely day, also not extremely pricey for London.

To start, Ben and I had mozzarella sticks (OMG the stringiness of the cheese, still makes my mouth water), I then had 5 cheese Mac and Cheese whilst Ben had Wagyu beef and cheese sandwich, WOWOWOWOW. The cheese coma was real, I had to have a lie down.

I will definitely be visiting the cheese bar again, elasticated trousers are recommended huns.

Savage Garden, Tower Of London

This place is vibeyyyyyy, really artsy and cool, and the views are insane, especially in the heatwave. Kinda excited for autumn now, especially wearing big jumpers and thigh high boots. I was having a ball of a time. I recommend this terrace bar, if you want to be feeling like your living da high life (literally!;) ) It is quite pricey, however, you are paying for the views, the ambience, the lovely cocktails and look at that meat board. DELICIOUS.

The menu consists of bar food, so very good for sharing. There is 3 sharing boards; meat, fish, veggie. On the meat board there was chicken, beef brisket, sliders, chips and coleslaw.

It was all insaneeeeeeee

Defo will go again, hopefully for a cute date.... or when I'm feeling fancy having cocktails with ma ladies.

Braisserie Zedel, Piccadilly

Bonjour, what an arty and fancy place. I felt like I was in Paris. Braisserie Zedel is a mixture of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, the decor is beautiful, quite confusing as its underground but looks like outside, mind blown. This restaurant is a contrast to the modern Savage Garden and the lowkey The Cheese Bar, its good to try a variety of restaurants.

To eat, I had a light meal of sea bream and cous cous, as we were off to the theatre afterwards, and I didn't want to be bloated during 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat', it was rather refreshing, I was surrounded by my family eating garlic snails, very French.

I'd recommend this restaurant for those who like French food, and like this ambience. However, I prefer a more modern restaurant in my opinion.

Maison Bab, Covent Garden

Who doesn't love a kebab? I saw this place on Trip Advisor, and well I knew it would be some delicious grub, as well as not to expensive. I mean look at that pic below, serious heart eyes! Another good sharing meal, Ben and I shared a chicken sheesh kebab and a pork kebab and chips, I was in heaven, Ben said that he found the sauces too strong (said it was too garlicky!! WHAT??? I was not complaining) So for those who don't like super strong tastes, maybe not for you! The ambience of the restaurant is homely and clean and simple, and downstairs there are some surprises, so you gotta go check that out!

I would recommend Maison Bab for those looking for a quick bite to eat, nothing too fancy, but really delicious food!

Well I hope that makes you hungry, I know I am haha! I am so lucky to be able to experience and enjoy such incredible restaurants and experiences with family and my friends, especially trying new places to eat.

Enjoy dinner, I'm off to Paris this week to celebrate my 20th birthday, have a fab first week of this month, and speak soon.

If you have any more restaurant recommendations, comment below...

Love Mols xx