The S Word.

Hi hey, hello. If you are thinking crude thoughts, or a rude word, then sadly you are on the wrong website. On today's blog post we are going to be talking about a very important S word, no not about my fav smoothies, or sunshine. Both that are lovely thoughts during lockdown. No today we are talking about the subject... Sustainability. Get a cuppa, buckle up and have a read.

Mmmm where shall I start? Here goes...

A month ago, in the midst of this lockdown, I started a new exciting chapter in my life, which I am very lucky to due to the circumstances. So, I started a 6 month internship at the sustainable brand SLO Active. And well, I wanted to talk to you about what I've been up to interning for this exciting brand. SLO Active is all about Sustainable Luxury Ocean Wear... check out their website IT IS VIBEY. I have shared a screenshot below, all about their name. I personally find this interesting, as it is such a contrast from the ethos of fast fashion. You scroll through Missguided, find a £20 loungewear set, and you can get it next day delivery. SLO Active is completely different, and I admire that.

In addition, their ethos of slowing down, is super relevant to the way we are living right now in lockdown; slowing down, focusing on ourselves, and letting the planet have some TLC, Mother Earth needs that self care. Don't we all?

I am honestly so grateful to have this amazing opportunity, I have already learnt so much, with 5 more months pending. The days I intern are Tuesday, and Thursday- and I get so excited, passionate and a lil' stressed about doing my tasks, as I want to do my very best. I feel as though I'm going to be a deflated balloon when this is all over, as I have enjoyed it so much. I want to give you some insight to the tasks I have completed so far including their competitor research and SWOT analysis, social media evaluation and scheduling (check out their instagram to see stories and post I will be posting). I have also been content creating, blog writing and transcribing interviews. All which I love. This experience has been so eye opening. As you hunnies know I want to work in the fashion industry, and I have always leaned towards fast fashion brands, like Boohoo as that's where I tend to shop, it is affordable, and aimed for my age group. However, working for a more independent brand where your voice gets heard, you have more guidance from your mentor, and also the importance of their ethos, helping the planet rather than just making sales. It makes me reconsider where I want to work in the future, not just for a smaller brand, but for one that gives back to the society and planet.

To be honest, I have found it difficult to change my tone, no more 'huns' and I have had to step out of 'The Life of Molly' and be a part of the SLO Active team, which is something I can take forward into my career. Why I wanted to mention my internship, apart from updating you all on my life, is their focus on the planet (check their ethos out on the right). Moreover, They also donate a % of their sale to charities working with the planet. AMAZING.

Let's continue... As a brand, SLO Active's imagery and their design, is minimalistic and so aesthetically pleasing. I love their imagery on their instagram, which was one of the reasons I wanted to apply for them. For me, their instagram really reminds me of a mood-board, which I love. Also, they post a lot of wave pics, which is serious inspo (Cannot wait to go on holidays again). So go on and get following.

Their target audience aims towards women surfers and active women who love the water, and focus on making a change on the planet. The latter being something we should all try to consider whilst we are buying new clothes. Personally, I still shop at brands that are cheap, fast fashion, but I have tried to give my clothes a new life. Almost like a reincarnation. As you know this year we moved house, and are currently living in a holiday home. And with this as a family, we all sorted out our wardrobes (it took a while) but all the clothes we didn't wear anymore, that didn't fit, or we just fell out of love with, we tried to give a new life. This being through charity shops, eBay and planning to sell at The Fashion Reboot linked their insta here -

I went to the Fashion Reboot for the first time last year, and I bought 3 pieces of second-hand clothing. A beige jacket from Topshop, a midi skirt from Primark and animal print trousers from H&M, all on trend, all stylish but a fraction of the price. It was worth it. (Have a look at the outfit to the right... Who else remembers social events eh?)

We were supposed to be going to the event this month where we had rails and rails of clothes, from different sizes and different styles, with the hopes that we were going to sell and inspire other fashionistas. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 this has been delayed. But watch this space.

Something else that has inspired me to reconsider how I buy and what I buy, is a book I read earlier this year by Lauren Bravo 'How To Break Up With Fast Fashion', a really eye-opening book, that I read alongside applying for my internship, which I think grew my passion into getting the offer of being an intern at SLO Active. Side-note, when I applied, I was having a negative relationship with university work, almost considering leaving university. This internship has brought me a new sense of inspiration through the subject matter, of sustainabilty, and also guided me through my own future.

Back to this amazing book, it is educational with its shocking statistics, but also it is a fun read, as it is written in a lighter manner with chapters like 'Its not you, it's them. And a bit of you.', thus making you feel as though fast fashion is a toxic boyfriend that you need to get rid of ASAP. As you guys have probably noticed I have been reading a lot recently, and I would definitely recommend this insightful book, to those who need something to read, (something to do with all this free time.) But really it opens your eyes to what western culture is doing to it's beautiful planet, and the people working to make you a t-shirt. However, we should try and focus on the positives, a good mindset with how we are living currently, and consider how we can make a change; read the authors tips below.

Lauren Bravo’s Top Tips on How to Break Up with Fast Fashion

1. Unsubscribe from all of your fashion related mailing lists.

2. Edit your social media feeds – swap accounts that make you want to shop to those who are into slow fashion.

3. Turn to your own wardrobe. Get it all out on the bed and confront yourself with the volume you own.

4. Take each piece and ask yourself why did I buy it? Why did I think I want it? Why haven’t I worn it?

As you guys might know, I started a new an online publication 'The Bloggers Bible' and for this months new articles I interviewed Riya talking about 'The Next Thread', her own sustainable and ethical fashion business. I love the products (I bought myself a t-shirt that Riya and I designed together). I love her passion and her ethos. I admire her. It is so good to see independent and small businesses wanting to make a change. Please do check her website out...

And there ya go. Woah, this was a long blog post. And if you made it here, thank you for sticking around to the end, I hope this opens your mind to ways to change the way you shop. And if not READ THE BOOK. I am not saying don't buy at a fast fashion store, but consider those tips above, and consider what we are doing to the planet. Let's all try and be a little more sustainable through how we buy. Stay Safe huns.

Love Mols x