The Power of Words

Good evening.

So, a couple of weeks ago I got trolled on my Instagram account... concerning my makeup, in a photograph of me looking happy, living my best life, with Ben in Manchester. It was an amazing weekend. And well.. you know what it made me feel utter C R A P. I felt like the photo was tainted, by what that account said. I didn't want to go on my social media, I wanted to stop blogging all together, and those who know me know how much time and effort I put into my blog and social media. After I saw the comment on that picture, I cried down FaceTime to my mum, cried to my friends. I honestly felt so disheartened. And I know I'm not the only person who has had a shitty comment been said to them in real life, and over the internet.

Therefore, I wanted to talk about words. They can be bloody amazing, but it can also be a negative thing, people can say so many evil things, especially on Social Media....hidden behind a screen is a bully's favourite place. I follow so many amazing, kind and supportive people with such great content on my Instagram, and so many of them have received disgusting messages from randomers or troll accounts on social media.

Also, so many influencers and celebrities get sent messages on a daily basis from trolls, for example Jesy Nelson got badly trolled about her appearance and weight that she tried to end her life (watch her documentary on BBC 3, its heartbreaking but eye opening), also social media influencers, like Molly Mae from Love Island get trolled as well, I'm pretty sure when she came out of the villa she had high security, after people were commenting on her appearance and telling her to end her life. What is wrong with people? And why has social media become so negative?

But I am trying to be more of a positive person, and I wanted to talk about the GOOD side of the power of words. Instead of letting this accounts comment put me down, make me feel grey and stop my passion of my blogging, I'm going to keep working hard. You know what doesn't kill you makes ya stronger and that. So... I've been blogging (properly) since March, and I wanted to actually talk about the AMAZING-NESS, new word there ;), that is sharing my life through my blog, helping others through my blog, and well trying to inspire my readers through The Life Of Molly. Over the last months, I've shared posts about my amazing holidays, Mols' tips, my fashion inspo and delicious food. And I've also recently started doing IGTV's on my Insta account, and I've really gained confidence by doing that.

All these things are P O S I T I V E.

PS- I also want to do a massive shout out those accounts who messaged me after the trolling, saying some amazing and kind stuff about my account, about my appearance, and my work ethic and content on my Instagram and blog. And I've been focusing on that. I'm grateful for those amazing people. It means so much.

A couple of months ago, a couple of followers of mine asked 'how I blog', 'how do you get followers', 'what works well and what doesn't'. And well to be honest, I'm still learning.

But I thought I'd share some information of what I've learnt as of yet... and a insight into what imma do with my blog.

Mols Blogging Tips

-I try and post a blog post at least 2 times a month, I like to use my power of words, to inspire people. It's interesting to see what posts do better than others, one of my best read blog posts was about saving the planet. Makes me happy that people care about that.

- In addition, to posting on my blog. I also try and post 2 pictures a week on da gram, but is dependent on how busy I am....

-Also if you want to get into blogging, or anything write about what you love. If you're interested in something, ya passion shows throughout. If a blog post doesn't do well, hey ho, keep going and keep working hard.

-Don't focus on numbers, I used to be obsessed with followers and likes and views. It really can mess with ya mental health, and last year I had to take a month of my social media. I now try and stay positive about what I post. Obviously I want interaction on my pictures, my IGTV's and my blog, but currently Instagram algorithm is being a lil shit right now. All bloggers will agree.

-Just keep posting for you. You do you hun.

-I try and have a colour scheme/ vibe for my Instagram, if its a cohesive feed people will like to view it. And also its aesthetic pleasing. YOU are your own brand. Promote it.

-Most bloggers/ influencers / celebs normally only show the best parts of their life, for example its unlikely they'll show them on a sofa pigging out over a dominoes watching a chick flick in a onesie. (Aka my dream rn) Always take Instagram with a pinch of salt.

-Be careful with brands asking for discount codes etc, I got scammed when I first started focusing on my blogging, and I lost money. I have a couple of good discount codes, and it does help grow following. Be aware.

- IGTV... was a scary thing for me to do. Growing with confidence, and hoping in the New Year will have a Youtube this space.

-Interact with other bloggers, praise one another. I hate the idea that people perceive this as a evil side to Instagram, when in reality we all just share love. Also, tag brands and # huns.

-Enjoy and love what you do. Blogging is my hobby, and my passion. Always love what you do. Don't let little shits get ya down.

Well there ya go, a wordie blog post. Sorry, if that dragged... but I had a lot of words to say. This really does affect every individual, and everyone has a choice on what to say, so please use your Power Of Words in a positive way. I am always here to talk to, so please contact me if you need to.

Thank you for having a read, and enjoy the rest of the week huns.

Love Mols xx