The Pescatarian Diaries

Hi Huns, how are you? I hope you are all staying home and safe. Happy Easter!

I wanted to come on here n talk about one of my favourite subjects... FOOD. I not only love eating it, but watching tv about it, (hello Masterchef) and I love cooking it, wishing I was the next Masterchef. I have always been a foodie, being a Hood we just love food, it is in our blood. The majority of you know I used to love red meat, when I was younger a good ol' rare steak was my fav thing ever. How things have changed. I decided for Lent I was going to change my diet, and see if I could live as a Pescatarian.

Now, even before the month of Lent I was eating barely any red meat so it wasn't a massive drastic change, and I knew I couldn't become a full time veggie because my favourite thing is fish, but I adapted what I was eating so it was like 70% veggie food and 30% fish. Another thing I've told myself, probably since the beginning of 2020, but has become more important is to eat my 5 a day. Sounds ridiculous, as a 20 year old, but veggies are very important and there are so many ways to incorporate rather than just eating a carrot...

smoothies, salads, stirfrys, curries the list goes on.

Time to be Honest Pt 1- I have missed chicken, especially when we have had a Sunday roast. I think something I've come to terms with is that, chicken is the easiest thing to cook, in a salad, in a curry, by itself, as a soup... the options are unlimited. However, the amount of veggie alternatives I've tried over the month (that were insanely good...) made it seem like the lack of chicken I was having was accepted, time will tell, if I keep this pescatarian thing going. Shoutout to the no chicken Kiev, it is UNBELIEVABLE.

Mol's Tips n Tricks (food related, life related ones are pending)

- Make ya food pretty. Swear down, when my food is 'instagrammable' I want to eat it. Add colour to ya food (importance of veggies), think about plating (I like food in a bowl lol), almost imagine you were about to present it to Gordon Ramsay, what would he say?

- Weightwatchers Salad Dressings, now I love them. I take salad's into University, and these little sachets of goodness are perfect for travel, and also, are no WW points, healthy.

- Weird one, enjoy your cheat meals. I had pizza and Mac n cheese, which are two of favourite meals. Both the pizza and the Mac and cheese were homemade (shout-out to my mum), and added to them were a bunch of veggies, they were delish, and healthier than alternatives.

-Embrace the fact you're not sure how these veggie options will taste like, all I've tried have been delicious (Hello the Quorn Chicken Escalope, you are a beaut).

-Shop at Sainsbury's, it has the best veggie selection food out of the stores. No joke, most of the bits I have eaten was from there.

Time to be Honest Pt 2- Initially, cheese became a subsistute for chicken (do you see me complaining tho?). I was feeling like a chicken salad without chicken was just leaves... how bloody boring. SO I started just eating mozzarella and halloumi on the daily. However, throughout the experience I've become a little better. A lifestyle change like this is about adaptation.

So I've had some fabulous meals including Veggie Mac n Cheese, Homemade pizza, Yummy salads, veggie burgers.... and I've made a pescatarian lookbook below... (if these pics don't make your tastebuds tingle, mouth droll, or make you hungry, er well what?)

So as I sit here, completing the month of Lent and my own personal mission, and contemplating if I will I go back to eating like a meatarian? Probably not, to be honest. About half way through Lent, my family had Sunday roast beef, and my sister asked 'do you not miss this?', in response, I was too busy devouring my quorn escalope and mountain of roasted veggies. So I definitely do not miss meat. I might go back and maybe eat a chicken once a while, just because it is an easy option, I'm unsure myself honestly.

I think we all should eat less meat, both for our health and the planet. These meals I've enjoyed the last month, I definitely would eat again, even try and make my own versions of them (easier said than done, I'm coming for you falafels!) But I understand, people's uncertainty to change diets, trust me, I get it. Even if you eat a couple of veggie meals per week and lay off the meat, I applaud you, above there is enough inspiration for recipes. Try it out, push ya'self guys, quarantine is the perfect trial period for this. Enjoy, Stay safe.

Mols x