The Graphics Shop

Happy Easter, huns. I'm sorry its been a while since I last posted something, the last month has been quite hectic, with coursework deadlines, too many late nights, and exam season approaching I haven't had time to write a blog post. I hope you forgive me with this 'lighthearted, sit in the sun, with a cold glass of pimms' blog post.

As you know, I love fashion and I loveeeeee shopping. I mean who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy? Btw... If you want to read more about my passion for fashion, and creativity have a look at my last blog post 'ma portfolio', as well as scrolling on my page, 'Outfit Of The Week'. Anyways, I've been doing a lot online shopping, it is a nice little hobby, imagining all the clothes I can't buy... But I'm looking for some new bits for the summer as I go away on holiday soon. I actually prefer looking at clothes on an app rather than the website, I don't know why I just find it so much easier.... so I've been spending the majority of my free time scrolling through several pages of Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. To be honest, I do love a lot of different sites including Topshop, Boohoo, Missy Empire and New Look and I've recently fell in love with Mistress Rocks, very vibey. I think the different sites just depends on what kind of style and the mood your feeling. I also find it really helpful to go to the 'gram for some fashion inspiration and I follow some really interesting and helpful fashion bloggers. (BELOW. Left to right- @sacha.cvr, @marthar0se, @mimimillsy).

So, back to the point I was trying to make, scrolling on the apps. I decided to look at the shop section of the Missguided App, with the 'Shop by Occasion', 'Holiday Shop' and I found the section 'The Graphics Shop', and well I was intrigued as it was ALL slogan clothes. I was in my element, sadly, my hopes have come crushing down since then as I'm trying to save some money, however, I have screenshotted 'Molls' Fav's' below, (they are all on the Misguided Site) and if you're a keen slogan wearer like me, maybe one day we will both have these funky clothes!

After some thinking time in the bath listening to Ariana, I then decided why don't I do a 'How To' post on different ways that I style my slogan jumpers and t-shirts, and if you need some inspiration (like us fashionistas do sometimes), I hope this helps you, because sometimes you can struggle with trying new styles and outfits.

As seen below, I've decided to do different styles, for different occasions, from basic and casual, to more 'occasion' wear. It is apparent with slogan tees and jumpers, that this piece of clothing makes an outfit more casual, which I think is perfect!

In the first picture (left), I am wearing a Pretty Little Thing jumper (which is soooo comfortable & even though I've dressed it up I love wearing it round the house). I've paired the graphic jumper with grey flared trousers from New Look, and my go-to belt from Topshop.

In the second picture (right) I am wearing a Missy Empire slogan top, with the words 'Dolce & Bananas' on. How punny! I'm wearing this with a Boohoo midi dress over the top, and (guess what) my Topshop belt is back. I think this outfit is perfect for a summer BBQ, paired with a leather jacket and some Steve Madden trainers.

In the third picture (middle row, left), I am wearing a slogan tee with metallic cargo pants all from Boohoo. Personally, I'd wear this outfit to college , or if I wanted to dress it up add a bit of jewellery and it could be a perfect Gals Nite outfit.

In the fourth picture (middle row, right), I am wearing a FILA jumper with a camo denim and my chain belt both from Topshop. Another casual outfit, yet still slaying the slogan tee.

In the fifth picture (bottom left), I'm wearing a 'No Angel' Slogan Tee from Missguided, with a silk mini dress on top that I bought from Topshop Finds Collection. My friend Izzy, described this outfit as 'sexxxy', so I'd pair with a denim jacket and black boots, pending date night.

In the 6th picture (bottom right), I'm wearing a Kenzo styled Jumper from H&M, with some funky Mom jeans from Missy Empire. Super Casual & Comfy Vibes. Sidenote: my mum actually bought the same jumper before me, I was obsessed with it, so we actually bought mine on eBay :)

I hope this blog post gives you some type of inspiration, or maybe it'll make you just want to do some intense retail therapy (me too!) But I think when creating this blog post, I've learnt its fun to experiment with different styles, with layers, colours, materials. Slogan Tee's and Basic Tee's are crucial for a wardrobe, because you can dress them up or keep them super casual.

Well, I'm off now, got a weekend in the sun, having several BBQ's with my family. Happy Easter guys, hope you had a enjoyable read, speak soon.

Love Mols x