Hiya huns! Hope you had a good bank holiday weekend.

If you follow my Instagram, you will know that a new and exciting magazine called 'TASTEMAKER' that I was interviewed for about my blogging, has recently become available. If you want to buy a copy, the site is https://tastemakermagmm.wixsite.com/tastemakermag. It is £6, including post and packaging, and the money goes to 2 charities that are close to the editor, Mimi Mills, all of the info is on the website.

I've known Mimi throughout half of my life, majority of the time we would spend with our parents at parties. But I've always been interested in what she was doing with her life, from her fashion blog, Fashion of Mi to our daily catch ups about life. By being involved with the magazine, I have become closer to Mimi and have been inspired by her creativity, work ethic, and I'm so grateful to her, for giving me this opportunity! She has become a massive role model and inspiration and I hope when I go through my next chapter at Fashion Retail Academy, she'll continue to be able to give me her advice.

So back to the creation of her insightful magazine, a while back, Mimi posted on her Instagram, asking if anyone was interested in being involved in her magazine which was part of her University course, I was not 100% sure what I was going to be doing, but I was very keen. I was interviewed by Mimi in February, and well I was so so so nervous. Mimi asked me different questions all about me, my life, my goals, my blog, and about my Instagram, I felt pretty professional and fancy to be honest. At the time of the interview, I was in the midst of rebranding The Life Of Molly blog page, so there was a lot of unknowns about my blog, and the subjects I was going to post about, I'm still unsure where I'm heading with my blog. I think this unknown and uncertainty is natural with blogging, if you are interested in starting a blog, getting a response from people doesn't happen overnight sadly, and you just have to keep pushing through and posting continuously. (Massive thanks if you do read all my blog posts, you guys are my no 1 fans!)

So, in the interview Mimi asked about my likes and dislikes about Instagram, I love Instagram and it is so good for inspiration, blogging, vibey stuff, but also can have a really negative effect on mental health, like it has mine in the past. If you notice if your opinion of yourself is based on the amount of likes you get, or if your judging yourself to influencers, having a social media break is so important. I had a break last summer, for about a month, I missed certain aspects of Instagram, but I was becoming obsessed and it wasn't helping my self esteem. Mimi also asked, where I would like to see my blog and my Instagram in the future, and in reality, I just want to inspire people, help people with whatever I post. I first started blogging 2 years ago, and I delegated my site when I went to college, I honestly believe I lost interest, but now that I've become more interested in social media and my blog, I hope to gain an audience and continue to interest others with what I post, I really want to add interesting content to both my website and my Instagram!

The magazine also includes a Tastemaker Timeline, a letter from the Editor, as well as other interviews with different bloggers including another up and coming blogger Alice Hope (@alicehopem.) In addition, there are many amazing fashion illustrations from both Mimi (@mimimillsy) and Emma Parnell (emyexoillustrations).

As a reader, you can see the amount of work and knowledge Mimi has put into the magazine, and I'm so proud of her. Keep slayin'. I honestly can't wait to see what the future holds for TASTEMAKER!

Make sure you buy your copy ASAP, guys, and you can read all about my interview and others as well!


Catch up with you guys soon, have a good week.

Love Mols x