Sun, Selfies And Sangria

Hi, hope all ok wherever you are. I'm currently sat chilling by the villa pool in Moraira, Spain. The weather has been INSANE, very hot and the pool has been calling me.

I've had a lovely 2 weeks or so, and that is why this post is a little delayed. I wanted to live in the moment, whilst enjoying my holiday with my family and friends.

But as I love my blog and I find writing cathartic, I've always said this blog was like a little diary, I thought I'd give you guys a whistle stop tour of my holiday so far.

The first week, one of my best friends, Izzy came out to Spain with me. Actually we flew out from Stansted Airport together, having a Wetherspoons brekkie, a necessity for a start of a holiday included a bottle of bubbles and a cooked breakfast. (Sidenote- if you're interested to see some travel outfit inspo, read my last blog post 'Catch Flights, Not Feelings').

Even at the airport, there was a LOT of excitement for our holiday, we honestly couldn't wait, we had been counting down the days for months hahaha! We had a lovely week together. And I miss her already.

Instead of doing a daily description, I thought I'd share some bits and bobs, and to be honest, I believe a picture is a thousand words, so there is like 15 pics below, so have a look...!



How bloody gorgeous.... just WOW. Personally, I find looking at sunsets so calming and relaxing. Do you agree?

The sunsets are insanely beautiful in Moraira. I love the view from our villa, sitting there eating bread and alliolli (YUM), having a glass of Sangria and watching the sunset go down, utter perfection. Some nights we stay in, and just chill which is lovely. I do like going out for dinner tho, feels more as though you're on holiday when you dress up and have cocktails.

The weather was hooottttttt when izzy was here, and is still now. Izzy got tanned, I got pink... but now am getting golden!

Seems like, Izzy and I sometimes are seen as a little mad... in some aspects, we are so similar, probably because we have spent so much time together, and we are constantly laughing!

Over the week together, we were busting some shapes, singing terribly, we had several naps, we made this groovy playlist, one night stayed up till 4.... not one of our best decisions.

There has been a lot of laughs. Perfect for a holiday!


Strike A Pose.

Selfies are da one!

And we took severallll (not all could be used for the blog tho).... to be honest, we took a lot of pictures whilst we were together, they are memories for us to keep forever.

I met Izzy at college, 2 years ago, she has been so supportive and kind to me, and still is throughout my artwork and life....especially boys.

This coming September, we are both starting new chapters of our lives as we are both going to study different things at different universities (Lets keep fingers crossed for our results day!) This week together was a celebration for our friendship and I will always hold onto this holiday :)

I know we are both going to support one another, and miss each another a lot. Unluckily for her, she can't get rid of me! Wonder what our next trip away will be....

As most people know- I love dressing up, being dressed to the 9's, glammin it up, we were slayin' the game. Fashion is my passion, and summer clothes are a big yes from me. (Hint hint- next blog post huns!)


Alexa play Sangria Wine.

Seems like wherever we went, beach days, lunches out, dinners, just chilling... Sangria was our go to drink. Thinking back we consumed sangria like water. I mean..... when in Spain.....

Sangria & Paella = happiness and a food coma. Feel like I've spent majority of my holiday bloated hahaha, it is what holidays are made for! I have eaten so much this holiday. I love the food I have had out here, a lottttt of fish including tuna tartare, Spanish omelette, ham and the best condiment in Spain ALIOLLI (garlic mayo). I have it so much, my dad's now nicknamed me 'Aliolli Molly'.

One of my highlights of the week with Izzy was going to the beach, I actually dislike the beach so much, getting sand everywhere is a no. But we had a fabulous day, look at those polaroids, how cute and how smiley we are!!!

It was one of the best days of our holiday.

Another realisation of this holiday- our drinks are our fav accessory for our photos.

Cheers to a lovely holiday, and a lovelier friend. Can't wait for more memories together, and can't wait what the next chapter holds for us, exciting times ahead. Gals Holiday Pending!!!!

See you at home Izzy for our Chinese takeaway and hopefully a celebration of our results. xx

After that fun week, I now have a week or so left of my hols, the next couple of days it is just mum and I, so we can really relax, work out, and focus on my blog and bits. Lots of chill nights in, watching crappy tv! We even have Mac n Cheese for dinner tonight (MY FAV). Then the end of this week, another best friend, Bridgitte, comes out for the last weekend which will be really fun, the perfect end to an amazing 3 weeks in Moraira :)

I'm off to get in the pool now, cool myself off and have a chill on my sunbed.... Have a lovely couple weeks, I know I will enjoy relaxing before my results day and hopefully uni prep.

Bye huns and Graciasssss.

Love Mols x