Short Course, Completed.

Hello you lovely people, what are you up to this weekend? This is the second lockdown blog post, and I wanted to pop on here, give you a little life update, and share my experience of my virtual short course. I have just completed my 6 week Art Direction for Fashion Course with Central St Martins of UAL. And I thought well, let me tell you all about it.

Let us rewind to three or so months ago when I was close to finishing my internship, and I was contemplating what I was going to do with all my free time. I had been working 2 days a week at SLO, 2 days of university lectures, and the rest of my week would be a mixture of working on my assignments and creating content. Many of my friends tried to tell me to slow down, focus on my degree, so what did I decide to do? Yes, enrol in a short course alongside my degree. I am nuts. But it was worth it.

Week 1

So back to the first week of the short course, I was a little nervous. I was unsure what to expect with the course, however, I was very excited about the fact it would be the more creative and visual photography side of fashion. I logged in to the video chat, and guess what we had to do, introduce ourselves. After the initial nerves, stuttering, and worrying that my words wouldn't come out correct. WORD VOMIT. The lecture started and we learnt about the basics of an art directors role, the basics of visual literacy and the basics of magazine layouts, all whilst finding our own USP. YOU are your brand. For our independent work, we had to discuss our independent work discovering a photograph that we feel represents us and being inspired by that image we had to take our own...

Week 2

The second week and I had already started to feel like I was becoming more creative in my day to day life, from my blog posts, and Instagram content. And this was only the start. Throughout this week we started part 1 of our the role of an art director, we discussed the importance of storytelling, how to create strong ideas and research into fashion trends. For this week's independent study, we had to create MOODBOARDS aka I got to do my favourite thing, cut, stick and collage. I researched into the trends of statement shoulders, oversized blazers, officewear meets streetwear. See my mood board below (I know you want to!)

Week 3

The third week, and we are already halfway through the short course, time does fly when you are having fun. In this week's virtual lecture, we started the next stage of the process of the art directors role, the whole online coursing is the preparation for the career role we are aiming for. We had to decide the concept and story of our editorial, our magazine choice, two photographers and our location. I choose mine to be an editorial for Elle UK magazine, called T H E F E M E L L E. With the story exploring the juxtaposition of the female, being strong, powerful and unapologetic. As well as being soft, delicate and natural. Below is my context board, a little visual snapshot into my idea.

Week 4

By the time I had made through a month of studying Art Direction for Fashion, I didn't want to stop the course. I've loved having these sessions every Wednesday evening. For this session, we learnt about Building a Professional Fashion Shoot Production and learnt about the fiscal and legal sides of a photoshoot. One of the things I liked about this course was the creative freedom of our own editorial direction. In the next part of stage 2 of an art directors role, we had to choose 2 models, the hair and makeup artists, the stylist as well as choosing the specific clothes, based on my trend. I loved this bit as it felt like shopping with no budget. Oh, how I wish...

Week 5

By the penultimate week, and with the pending lockdown I was grateful that I had decided to do this short course, as I was looking forward to staying busy and distracted. Moreover, every week we have feedback sessions and discussions of our work, which I also find that has helped me become more confident publically speaking. This week was our last week of independent study, and we had reached step 3 of creating a successful fashion shoot, which was Shot Sequence Planning, pose and cropping ideas for each shot in a narrative sequence, basically mixing all our the steps of work together so far, to visualise what it would be like if we did the shoot.

Week 6

The last virtual lecture is done, and the course is complete. This week we had to present our final concept, and all the work we've completed through the course. Wow. I really enjoyed these 6 weeks, it was fun as I was introduced into a different sector of the fashion industry, it allowed me to be a bit more or a creative and explore my passion more. It was the perfect course to use my time wisely, and refine my skills, and stay committed to learning more.

My advice to anyone reading this blog post, if you have free time, and if you don't have free time, make time, to do a short course, learn something new, or refine any skills, do it, and you won't regret it. Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend, and I'll be back soon. Love Mols x