Shop Small This Xmas (You Know You Want To)

Hello, and welcome to the official one month countdown, let the Christmas celebrations commence (kind of!) 2020 has been the weirdest year, right? A year of slowing down, focusing on what is *really* important, learning to love your own company, and supporting your friends and family. Moreover, this year has been an eye-opener for consumers to give their love to small independent businesses when they needed us the most. If you know me I am a sucker for big super winners like the brands Missguided and Gucci, but I am making a pledge to shop small more this Christmas, and you should too!

Below are just some of the amazing businesses I follow, support, and love, and I am sharing them with you with hopes to inspire you with your Christmas gifts, and to continue to support small this year...

Lethally Her

First up, journals. 2021 is the year of manifestation. Am I right? And these journals, weekly planners, notebooks are just *chefs kiss*. They are suited for 'badass female creatives to reach their highest level of badassery.' I need this journal in my life. love the aesthetic, the colour scheme, the positive vibes, and I cannot wait to buy one ASAP. Alexa, play Just Like Magic by Ariana Grande. Shop Lethally Her here.

The Next Thread

One of my favourite (and proudest) moments of 2020 was my collaboration with this independent brand The Next Thread. They are the best Christmas presents. Why wouldn't you want to support a sustainable brand? They recently had a restock of our Spread Love and Self Love Collection recently, and this is the perfect opportunity to show your besties how much they mean to you. Shop here.

Incensuel Candles

One of my favourite things in the world is #homespo, and these candles created by Kayla are the interior dream. These home decor art candles are the perfect self-care gift (even to yourself!) They are the Instagram aesthetic we all need. The candles are hand-poured, which makes it feel more personal. I love the gold flakes female body candle and have added it to my Christmas list. Shop here.

Epoch Jewellery

A new brand, in fact as recent as a week ago officially went live on Etsy, Instragram and their website, and I am in love. Mireira of The Gold Lipstick blog and now founder of Epoch, the destination for handcrafted vintage jewellery, that is described as 'timeless, affordable luxury.' Hello, I want it all. This would be a beautiful and thoughtful present for your other half, your loved ones, or yourself. Shop here.

Aug Collective

This brand is one of my favourite finds of 2020 Instagram scrolling, and it will be yours too. This independent womenswear ETHICAL brand based in the UK and is founded by Emily. It is for the girl who likes to steal 'his' clothes and considering I'm single, this is perfect. I love the oversized fit, I am a sucker for the white blazer, and their Instagram is giving me all the aesthetic vibes. Shop the collection here.

Beeyu Skincare

Of course, it wouldn't be a The Life of Molly blog post, without a self-care beauty product. I love my Bee Yu face mask, and I would recommend it to anyone. The product is 100% natural ingredients, including bee venom, which tightens and rejuvenate your skin. Honestly, it feels so unusual on your face, but it works. I love the whole branding, and it feels like your GLOWING. Shop my favourite face mask here.

The Cosmetics Loft

Another brand that has popped up on my shopping list. (Hi Mum!) This brand launched recently, and I am so obsessed with their makeup brushes, their dedication to their brand, and their motivational quotes are what we all need right now. The founder wanted to create affordable beauty products, and they are all cruelty-free and vegan. Treat yourself and others and shop their recent collection here.

Jam On Toast Studio

Oh, I love Jade, the founder and designer of Jam on Toast Studio. These art prints and illustrations mirror Jade's (lovely and sarcastic) personality to a tee, and I love it. Jade creates personalised portraits, interior prints, funny greeting cards, and graphic and logo design. I love how light-hearted they are, something needed after 2020. Shop the perfect pressie to your bestie, your sister, for anyone here.

Jakelle Studios

Last but not least another fashion brand I am a sucker for. All their clothes are made of recycled fabrics and in the UK. Their strapline 'made responsibly' show they have the value of being ethical to people and sustainable for the planet. It is so important to support small independent sustainable fashion brands (especially when they are such a vibe!) and you should do to. Shop here.

I hope these amazing brands inspire you to shop differently this Christmas. Support independent, small businesses who need extra love during these unusual times. Good luck with your Christmas shopping, and please do share any other small independent brands you are supporting!

Have a good final week of Lockdown 2.0, and I will be back (very) soon! Love Mols x