Relax, Refresh, Recharge.

Happy Sunday!

Hope you have had a good week, my countdown to my next holiday is on. A WEEK Monday and I will be on my flight to sunny Spain, and I can't wait to share that all with you! I'm very excited!

Last weekend, mum and I went to Sopwell House in St. Albans for a relaxing spa weekend away as a celebratory occasion for finishing college and my exams. YAY!

The weekend was so lovely, and have a look at the hotel if you're interested in having some delicious food, amazing treatments, good facilities, and a relaxing weekend away!

The Spa-

The Cottonmill Spa at Sopwell House has recently been introduced to the hotel and the facilities are amazing. In the spa, there is a resting area with sofas and a bar area with food and drinks, a shop you can get ESPA products from, a pool, hot tub and sauna.

Both mum and I had a personalised facial, which is dependent on your skin and the conditions of your face. So dependent what skin type you have; oily, dry, older, spotty, they will personalise it to you. It was so relaxing, and I came out feeling all refreshed.

In addition, mum and I had a relaxing massage and man, it was good.

I was lucky enough to have the same lady to do both my treatments, so I felt comfortable being honest with my skin and my stress knots in my back.... they were bad, exam season didn't do my stress levels any good. She told me to have a warm bath and stretch out my back, she was very helpful!

There are facilities being added to the Spa in August, so mum and I are thinking of going back when its completely done as we did love it so much!


The food at Sopwell House was DELISH. There are two places you can eat; the restaurant and the brasserie. We thought the restaurant was a little too fancy for us so we went for the brasserie! And I mean, hello who doesn't love an all you can eat buffet? We had one for lunch and breakfast.

Below is my dinner: (starter and main) and my brekkie.

Dinner - I had Salmon fishcakes and asparagus with poached eggs (mum and I shared), it was yum! For main, I had tomato gnocchi stuffed with mozzarella (aka heaven). I was hella bloated after all this food but hey, its a weekend break. Treat ya'self, have a bottle of bubbles, eat as much as you want, and R E L A X!

Brekkie- A big old coffee and a half English breakfast, was insane. I didn't want to eat too much as we had afternoon tea later that day but the scrambled eggs were hell to the yeah!

Afternoon Tea-

A crucial part of a spa weekend is having afternoon tea! Duhhhhhh!!! Last year, Lotty and I went to Lifehouse Spa (also a very good spa weekend, have a look), and we had afternoon tea, becoming a tradition I feel.

We had our afternoon tea in the living room, below are some pictures of the style of the room. It was really homely, with a fire place, teapots, and some chill music playing. It was so nice to just lounge about with mum. She's so busy all the bloody time, running Amara with dad, being an amazing mother, she never has time to just relax. So even though this weekend was fab for me, I also think it was a massive benefit for mum as well!

So, the afternoon selection was grand, I mean finger sandwiches (yes please), scones (yes please), and look at those cakes (yes please!)

After this spa break, I can tell you I did not want to eat for a while, I was stuffed. But what a lovely weekend, thank you mum :)

The Hotel-

Sopwell House is a very nice building, and like a lot of hotels, it does need some work done to it! But as seen below, I wanted to show some of the hotel vibes. I mean the first picture is aesthetically pleasing (hello I am a blogger!).

Throughout the hotel there are many examples of art work and paintings and I find that really interesting. It makes the hotel have a bit more character y'know. These double exposure pics were my fav, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Also the weather when we went was luvleyyyyy, so we had drinks outside in the sunshine, near the conservatory. The grounds of the hotel are really pretty, mum and I had a wander and it' very suitable for a lot of weddings, just saying :)

So what a lovely trip away!

Massive thanks to Sam Hood for treating me for a spa break. It was a well needed trip. I love going to a spa or just having a massage or a facial, its so good to relax yourself and look after your body. In my opinion, a spa break is definitely a trip to do if you want a relaxing escape from day to day life. I can't wait for our next spa adventure to wherever it may be... watch this space huns!

Cheers huns!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend away.

I'm off back to normality now, packing for a months holiday, my fitness and healthy eating, and my blogging. Got a lot to share over the next couple of months :)

See you next Sunday, Love Mols x

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