Ready Steady Cook

I love food.

That's the basis of this whole blog post. I wanted to show you guys the food I cook, eat and obviously enjoy. As my closest friends know I love watching food programmes (massive come dine with me fan) and I love eating... I mean who doesn't?

In this post I've included smoothies, light lunches aka salads and hearty dinners including a curry and a stir fry! I have tried to bring in a variation of healthy and yum meals, that I hope you enjoy making and more importantly enjoy eating.


I always used to skip breakfasts as I wanted to sleep in and then I'd rush to college or doing work, this is terrible and I'm glad that I've changed my lifestyle. So now I try to have breakfasts, I don't normally have 'exciting breakfasts', normally it is a packet of belvita biscuits, a bowl of porridge or a smoothie. Only recently have I became a fan of smoothies, thanks to my PT @finfituk, I really enjoy them and they are healthy and delish, and are super good for ya and ya body. Sometimes at the weekend, mum treats me to pancakes or French toast, but as it is exam season I've been trying to be having a good and sustainable diet.

Left to right-

Green smoothie, with a banana, a pear, spinach and pear juice.

Pink smoothie, with a handful of strawberries, a banana and coconut milk.


Now don't assume I have these meals daily, but I have recently been trying to eat healthy brain food. But sometimes, my go to lunch is tuna pasta or if I'm at college a cheese and ham toastie. However, these light options are perfect for lunch or for a lighter dinner options. As much as I enjoy cooking, I want to make something quick and the majority of these meals take 15-30 mins to prepare and cook, perfect if you're super busy! I love salmon, and is my go to thing to cook as it so good for you brain and takes 20 minutes to cook. The stuffed peppers dish is something my mum makes for me, and is also super healthy and really colourful. I find if your food looks appetising you will want to eat and cook it again! I used to hate salads with a passion, but adding some interesting things to the boring leaves like halloumi (YASSSS CHEESE) or eggs (in the tuna nicoise salad below)

Left to right-

Sweet Chilli salmon fillet with 1 packet of cous cous and rocket.

Stuffed Peppers with mixed vegetables, chicken and mozzarella.

Chicken and halloumi salad with perinaise and Weightwatchers dressing.


Below are some examples of different dinners I've made over the last couple of weeks. Who doesn't love a beef stir fry? But also being packed with greens, it is good for your body and your brain, so the meal is a double bonus. I'm a massive fan of a cheeky Nando's, so I decided to make my own version of the chicken thighs with sweet potato fries, perfect for a Friday night meal. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. The last meal is completely veggie, made with quoin mince and courgette spaghetti. My best friend, Fin is vegan, she's been making me meals with only veggies and with her help, I've started to try and eat less meat throughout my week!

Left to right-

lean steak and green stir fry, infused by 5 spice powder, with broccoli, cabbage and mangetout.

Nando's chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges.

Quorn mince, with courgette spaghetti and parmesan.

Left to right-

Avocado carbonara, made from avocado, garlic, cream, bacon lardons, with wholewheat pasta.

Chicken and sweet potato curry made from red Thai curry paste, with rice and green beans.

Tuna nicoise salad made from salad leaves, tuna steak, asparagus and 2 eggs.


The avocado carbonara is my fav dish right now, it's so creamy n yummy n just everytime I eat it I enter a happy little bubble. I LOVE SPAGHETTI CARBONARA and those who have taken me out, that is my go to pasta dish. The benefits of having avocado is the fact it contains healthy fats, therefore, a healthier alternative that still tastes AH-MA-ZING. I'm a fan of takeaway curries, so I had this chicken and sweet potato curry that was really spicy but super good. Last meal, the tuna nicoise salad with fresh tuna, omg. unreal. Perfect for a lighter summer meal.

I hope these different meals inspire you, help you, or make you want to cook when you can, and the next week is the perfect opportunity to start making food changes. I find cooking such a good little hobby, and I'm from such a foodie family, like we all love eating so much!! Anyways, I'm off to go back to revision now, half way through my exams with not long to go guys! I can't wait!

But happy cooking and eating, and have a lovely weekend. See ya soon xo