Quarantine & Chill

Hi guys. How are you all?

Ah, happy bank holiday- feels like everyday is bank holiday at the moment. Minus the fact we are confined to our own houses *sigh*. I hope everyone is well, staying safe, and remembering that the meaning of productivity is different currently, it is ok to do nothing at the moment, if that is what your mental health needs. That is why I am coming to you with a new blog post... about my top 5 TV shows that I have watched since being in lockdown. Because 1) It is something we are all doing at the moment, as there is not a lot going on. 2) All of these are amazing TV programmes serve a purpose in their own way. So it is time to be a lil' couch potato, get under a blanket, have your favourite chocolate and binge watch these TV series'.

Normal People

Heartbreak. A proper tear jerker- is how I would describe this programme. I felt like I was not emotionally prepared for what I was about to watch. I watched this series this week, and I full on sobbed. The last time I balled my eyes out was watching Toy Story 3 in the cinema. Normal People is being shown on BBC 1 every Monday night, but we watched it back to back on BBC Iplayer. Now, there is a lot of nudity, and scenes of an adult nature. However, the character development, the story line, the visuals are all so beautiful. And Connell is serious eye candy. It is a such a beautiful and realistic love story, featuring subjects like depression, relationships and intimacy. But you will definitely need a box of tissues near by.

Watch the trailer below-


Love is Blind

Now this series consists of ONE OF THE WEIRDEST CONCEPTS EVER. I still get so shocked about it. I mean, imagine proposing to someone you had never seen- yup mental. But seriously good entertainment. Netflix is a sucker for some strange programmes. And this dating series is like no other. With all the unusual twists and turns, the fights and the make-ups, and the surprises of who actually ends up marrying each other, you will get seriously connected to the couples. You will start to wonder if love is really blind.

This was one of the first programmes me and my sister watched at the beginning of lockdown, and it was a gem, majority of the time you are like WTAF. Check this series out and be ready to be shocked out of your mind.

Watch the trailer below-


Too Hot To Handle

Imagine Ex on the Beach and Love Island had a baby, Too Hot to Handle would be their child. A load of singletons go away to this retreat, however, are not allowed physical intimacy or the $100,000 jackpot decreases. This is proper reality TV, you don't need to concentrate, you don't to invest your feelings.

It is a good programme to turn your thoughts off (something you might want to do at the mo), Too Hot to Handle is a good distraction, a programme you can watch whilst scrolling through your phone, cooking ya dinner and still knowing what is going on. I find it hilarious that they decided to mix Americans, Australians and British people together- what a strange but entertaining concept.

Watch the trailer below-


Tiger King

If you haven't heard about this, saw something about it, or considered if Carole Baskin did or didn't kill her husband. Well watch this documentary, and the nations obsession will make sense. This Netflix original documentary has made impact all over, from fashion brands like In The Style and Missguided making Tiger King collections, to Carole Baskin featuring in Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's new video. Tiger King has blown up, and you need to watch it.

If you are a fan of Netflix series' , there are so many on there. Have a watch of The Stranger (bit of a tense one), and I also loved Dare Me, cheerleading meets psychological thriller. YES PLEASE.

Watch the trailer below-


Killing Eve

Brace yourself for Series 3 off one of the best dramas to come out of the BBC. Shout out to the Nest that the family and I loved as well. BBC always do a good family drama for us to watch on a Sunday eve. Mum and I love Killing Eve, even though there are times where we both have to look away as there are a lot of gruesome scenes. Villanelle is one of those characters you love even if she is an assassin. All episodes so far (from series 1-3), are streaming on BBC Iplayer. Thank god for streaming platforms eh? Sidenote- Villanelle's fashion sense this series is on point. Happy watching.

Watch the trailer below-


These are some of my quarantine favourites, and please send me any other TV recommendations, and I will be happily be watching til the end of lockdown, whenever that will be. Have a lovely week, and I will be back soon with some more lockdown inspiration, to keep you entertained as much as I can guys.

Love Mols x