Positivity.... Positive-me

Hey, I thought I'd do a nice little blog post about things that make me feel good n happy. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been chilling and doing things I enjoy, nothing overly glamorous. But it has been so refreshing to do NOTHING with a lot of 'self- love', so I thought a bit of midweek motivation might help us all out.

1- Look after yaself.

Self love n feeling good about yourself, comes from looking after your body and mind.

No 1, baths. I bloody love baths, they are amazing for both relaxation and cleansing. MY TIPS: Listen to some calming chill music, have some bubbles in the bath, light a candle (have a look at Amara.com :) ) and let yourself relax and enjoy the experience.

Another part of looking after your self, is your skin. I love having facials, and I've recently had a professional one to sort my skin out after a stressful couple of months and a holiday in Barcelona. Facials are relaxing, detoxifying and you come out and feel nice n fresh. However, you do not need to have a 'professional one', you can buy some face masks (look at holler and glow, there funky) cut up a cucumber and bam you've got your own spa session!

Food. Another factor to keeping your body happy. In my opinion, if you eat well you feel lighter. however, life is all about balance, so those cheat meals are good (mines Mac n cheese and cocktails) but, remember to treat your body kindly, as they are our homes.

Another important part of wellbeing is being active. I love working out now. It is sooooo good for me mentally, and I thank my personal trainer whenever she comes over makes me work hard, because afterwards I feel so good. Being active doesn't mean just straight up hardcore working out e.g. walks, yoga, swimming...the list goes on!

2- Do the things you love.

Personally, my creativity is what I love and that is shown through my passion for my blog, and is really demonstrated through the mol-board page on my website. Through the mol-board, and the DIY magazine folders, (that are below) I like to express myself, and I love collaging. I'm not saying cut up some magazines and collage to make yourself happy, EVERYONE is different, find your happy hobby and enjoy it!

Another thing I love, is music. I think music is really therapeutic and is super powerful.

I have listed 10 songs below, that i'm living for right now, that you will hopefully like! (Quite a good bath playlist) Enjoy....

Banks- Gimme

Alina Baraz- Feels Right

Mark Ronson & Lykke Li- Late Night Feelings

Lewis Capaldi- Hold Me While You Wait

Masego- Navejo

SG Lewis- Easy Loving You

Grace Carter- Don't Hurt Like It Used To

Banks- Look What You're Doing To Me

Jessie Reyez - Great One

Lykke Li- Better Alone

Also, I've recently been listening to the podcast 'Pretty Little Thing: Behind Closed Doors', personally I like it as it is right up my street, it is about influencers, feminism, self- empowerment, all the stuff I find interesting!

Another thing I love to do, is chill time. For me, a green tea and a slice of banana bread in front of the TV, scrolling through Instagram in my pjs is heaven.


3-Surround yourself with happiness.

Spending time with my closest friends and family, makes me smiley. Seeing my gals, doesn't have to super glamorous, like going out for cocktails and dinner, although I do love a gals night! But spending time with your friends could be simple as, a dominoes takeaway and Bridget jones marathon night. Heres a couple of things to do with your mates: Netflix marathon, takeaway night, go to the cinema, dinner out, go for a wander....

I've recently been spending Fridays with my best friend and personal trainer (@finfituk), where we do work together, watch TV together and we cook veggie dinners together. I love our little Friday tradition together!

It's so important to surround yourself with happy people, who support you, who give you love, who make you happy. (Shoutout to my mum, she's one of those very special people!)

Sidenote- talk to people if you feel crap and if you need help. That is the beauty of friends!

Over the last two years, I've got a lotta support from my friends and family, especially with progressing throughout my life. LAST WEEK I GRADUATED!!!!

Wow. Success makes ya feel good, make sure you work hard and succeed your goals!

I still can't believe that I completed my art and design diploma, but I couldn't have finished my diploma without the support, inspiration and motivation from all my close friends and my lovely family. Thank u guys!

Thank you for reading, and I'll be back soon, to be honest, I'm just enjoying these couple of months of relaxation, before I hopefully start my degree course at Fashion Retail Academy, I'll keep you updated on anything exciting I get up to!

Lots of Love

Mols xxx