MY Travel Checklist

Happy Wednesday, and what a fabulous start to June for me!

This week has been really exciting for me and well it all feels a little strange to be honest. A big chapter of my life has ended, as I finished my Art and Design Extended Diploma, and I had my last English Literature A level exam, so I just have to wait for my results now!

Therefore, to celebrate and relax, after a couple of hardcore and tiring months.... IM OFF TO BARCELONA TOMORROW!!!

A while back, I had a request on Instagram to do a travel essentials blog post, I thought I'd do a little list of some bits I'm taking, although, everyone packs differently and also you do pack different bits, dependent on the holiday and the time you're away, for example you wouldn't pack ski stuff to a safari...

So below is my checklist-

Passport- Obviously a NEED if you're going abroad. My Mum keeps reminding me to pack it!!

Purse- Money Money Money..... :) Even though I'm going away with my family, it is good to take some cash because we might go shopping, do some tourist bits, and maybe I treat everyone to a cocktail, (God, my sister Lotty would be happy!)

Handbag/ Beach bag- A must to carry all these bits. For me, I like to carry a cute little bag to the pool or to the beach for safety reasons, for example to make sure I don't lose my cash and to protect my electronic devices.

Suncream- I do not, and I repeat, do not want to turn into a lobster, I want to be nice n tanned. Important to look after your skin hunnies. I've added a couple of skin care stuff on my checklist.

Sunglasses- Sunny weather = sunglasses. Makes sense.

Face Mask (funky ones are the best) Skin Moisturiser and Lip Balm - HYDRATE YOUR SKIN. I find spending all day in the sun, drinking cocktails and wearing makeup, makes your skin feel crap...these 3 things are the answer.

Magazine- Perfect lighthearted reading, for the pool side, for the airplane, for afternoon reading with a cup tea. Heavenly. I choose Cosmopolitan because it is a light tabloid magazine, and it has Love island gossip on the cover (and I mean who doesn't love island!?)

AirPods (headphones)- Music is like therapy to me. Listening to music helps me relax, concentrate and I just love music.

Kindle- I love reading, and I can't wait to get lost in a book or two in Barcelona. Kindle's are a bit like marmite, you either love them or you love paperback books. I think Kindle's are perfect for trips away, because if you read a lot you don't want to waste luggage space. Some of my fav books include 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Magaret Atwood ,'Rebecca' by Daphne Du Maurier and 'The Girl On The Train' by Paula Hawkins. Enjoy :)

Bikini(s)- I have several different styles and vibes dependent on my mood, and well because you can never have enough clothes!

Statement Earrings- Enough said.

Flip Flops/ Sliders- The perfect shoe for a summer holiday. I have also packed trainers, as we are doing some tourist bits, and I don't want to get blisters.

Eye Mask & Night Spray- I use these every night, without fail, as they help me to sleep. they've been a saviour through exam season. I'm taking them away so I feel at home.

Well there you go! Thank you for reading my post.

I'm off to finish off packing and to get all ready for my exciting weekend away!

I will let you guys know, what I get up to in Barcelona, probably will involve plenty of food and cocktails. So keep an eye out on the social media, and a holiday blog post is pending.... here's to Barcelona babyyyyy!

I'll be back VERY soon.

Love from Mols x x