My Self Love Guide

Hello, how are you lovely people? Can you believe it is August? My birthday month is just around the corner, and I pray my plans do come true, and it's will be a good one!

I am pleased to announce that my third collection with The Next Thread is live, oh my god. How exciting. I haven't really mentioned The Next Thread x The Bloggers Bible collaborations on my blog, so let me run through it with you. Our first drop was a collection of T-shirts with the word INSPIRE on based on the ethos of my other online platform The Bloggers Bible, read here:

Our second designs were based on World Environment Day, being sustainable and considering what you buy. All that are uber important factors and is one of the many reasons I love and support this small independent sustainable brand.

And here we are, 3 collections down the line, which is crazy. I've thought about writing a blog post like this for a while and what better time than share with you now, as it links to the concept behind our third drop- The Self Love and Spread Love Collection. How cute right? We created the concept and designed these sweatshirts in light of #internationalfriendshipday, with the idea that you can either buy a sweatshirt for ya bestie and spread the love, or for yourself focusing on being ya own best friend, we all need some self-love. You can buy the sweatshirts here: (and you should go ahead and buy one!)

Moreover, we did two giveaways for the collection, one of the sweatshirts 'Hey Girl, You Rock', and I created a Self Love Giveaway box, with products from small independent brands and businesses. Let Us Spread Love (the World needs it right now!)

In light of this, I wanted to share my tips and tricks of self-love. Now I am a serious lover of a bath, face masks and candles, all that are examples of loving yourself. However, there are other deeper points that I wanted to share.

  • Always stick up for yourself, whether that be saying no for something you don't want to do, and always be yourself. You are no. 1 in your life. Remember that.

  • If you feel crappy, and we all have those days. Go outside, hug a tree, and be at one with nature. Trust me, walks help. Fact: Did you know it only takes 20 mins for endorphins to kick in?

  • Digital detox, take time off your phone. Here is your daily reminder Instagram is filtered, even I need this reminder. You are beautiful and worthy. Don't judge yourself to others.

  • Write down what you are grateful every day, and what you love about yourself. Here is mine: My family, My experiences and opportunities in life, My solar system (aka my besties)... Things I like about myself: My eyes, my work ethic and my creativity.

  • Self-love & help books, reading and educating yourselves on ways to create the best version of yourself is needed guys. Read. Learn. Educate.

Therefore, I wanted to share some amazing resources (sounds educational right?) Don't worry, these books are my current ingredients when baking my Self Love cake. I mean who doesn't love cake right?

Be Your Own Best Friend- Chessie King

Now, I loved this book. It is all about the glorious truths of being a female, and there is a lot of good information, all that relatable stuff us women need in our life. It is a good read. It features subjects like periods, body image, and social media, all with cute graphics and positive quotes. Chessie is a body positivity & inclusivity advocate, being real and honest showing her rolls and stretch marks. Something we all need reminding of.

Step Up- Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine

I had this book sent to me by a family friend: and I read it and really enjoyed me. It is all about succeeding your career and goals. I personally feel like I will need to read it again when I start getting into my career and start my own success story. I also loved that each topic and section has 10-minute mental exercises to inspire us to success. Get that brain WORK in guys.

You Are A Badass- Jen Sincero

Now, I mentioned this book a couple of blog posts ago, as I was recommended it by a friend, I loved it, I NEEDED to read it as I was in a bit of a low place, it helped me realise I am a BADASS, and you are too. I will always recommend it as we all need to realise how to stop doubting our greatness (we are all pretty great guys!) and this book gives us insight into how to start living an awesome life.

Good Vibes, Good Life- Vex King

I read this near the beginning of lockdown, all those many months ago, and it was a massive favourite of mine. Since then I have seen so many others on my Instagram read it, love it and feel inspired. This self-help book is how self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness, with a focus on the be the best version of you that YOU can be. Read it, enjoy it, and love yourself.

I also wanted to share some of my 'Self Love' influencers whether they be Instagrammers, friends or celebrities. Instagram can have some really negative impacts on mental health, your own body image and confidence, and that is speaking from experience.

However, these amazing women share REAL UNFILTERED images of themselves, as well as sharing their own stories of mental health. I think this is bloody amazing and is needed more from influencers. We need to use our platforms to inspire each other honestly.

Check out these absolute DOLLS:






There ya go, I hope you read this blog post, and was overcome with love for yourself, or at least ready to take the new steps into self-love and happiness. Please remember that your amazing, you're a Kween, you're a boss, you are slaying. If you do want to buy a sweatshirt (for yourself, or a friend go ahead!). Let us continue to shop small, and support each other.

See you soon guys, Love Mols x