My Night at the Blog Awards

Good evening.... And the winner is.... 'The Life of Molly'...

Sadly, this is not the reality of my Thursday evening, however a micro blogger can dream (and I continue to do so!)

I was lucky and grateful enough to go to the Amara Interior Blog Awards, it was an amazing night and I thought I'd share it all with you guys!

So imma run you through the night- firstly, the venue was amazing, it was at One Marylebone in London. Look at how insane it looks!!! It is where a lot of events take place, it was recently featured in the fashion documentary 'Breaking Fashion', (if you haven't watched it, WATCH IT) .... its where Adam Frisby the creator from In the Style and blogger and influencer Lorna Luxe ventured to! It's so cool that I get to be little Mols and spend my Thursday night in such funky places. The actual building is so atmospheric and almost church- like, its quite a gothic building as you can see below- (PS loving the neon lights, and the Amara lights also, so cool that Londoners walk past and see whats going on, some great coverage!)

Before the actual awards, which were both UK and International blog awards for different sectors of interior bloggers. The night started with delicious canapés, glasses of bubbles and some socialising....

WOAH... them canapés *heart eyes*, there were these little beef wellingtons (I had about 10 oops, which equivalents to like a normal size portion right?) But yeah now I'm just dreaming about them canapes. Also it was SO nice to socialise, there were people who work for Amara I haven't seen for a while and it was lovely to catch up with them all. Moreover, it was such an amazing opportunity to meet and talk to new people.

This event was a perfect situation for me, and I've made some really good contacts, I got someones business card (I honestly was so bloody smiley). Hoping that this can help me learn new things, and experience new and exciting adventures in this industry...

Then we all ventured downstairs to the awards, and it was so heartwarming to see the nominees so excited and winners so happy. There was a woman who was happily crying, and that made me so :), It shows how important the Amara Interior Blog Awards, and it makes me proud of my parents and of their little baby. After the award giving, there was more socialising, more drinks and MINI BURGERS. (For me, food is always a big highlight of any event/ day/ situation!)

Below are some piccies of the night, I forgot to take loads of pics, as I was having so much fun. But the ones of the family are lovely, such great memories! We left and were back home for about 1AM, and for me that is so late. I'm normally in bed by 10PM. Lol.

This weekend was my sissy's 24th birthday, and we went to the Romford dog racing on Friday, and basically chilled this whole weekend! Back to reality next week, back to working out, and I might be out a couple of nights, but I need to save my money! Also, updating you on university- lot of deadlines, and we recently started a new unit 'Creative Digital Skills', in which we have to create an App for our marketing campaign. Eek wish me luck! And less than a month and it'll be my Christmas break! Is it too soon to watch Christmas films?

Have a great new week huns, see you soon!

Love Mols xx