My Christmas List

Happy Sunday! How has your beginning of December been? Mine has been good, nice and busy this week as I have 1 more week left at University (eek!)

I hope you liked my last blog post, it had lots of fashion-y bits. Now, I don't know about you but a couple of family members and friends keep saying 'What do you want for Christmas?'..... I find that when you get to this age, you sorta buy what you want... even though I'm a student so I save up for majority of my bits.

I thought I'd show you my list in case you're needing some guidance for a friend of yours, then i'm ya gal, and if you are one of those who still is struggling to find me a pressie well HEY....

Face Bits

I love love love my dermologica products, they are the best face products. FACT. I use 'Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash' for my daily routine and 'The Gentle Cream Exfoliant' and 'The Charcoal Rescue Masque' for my fortnightly routine. I have nearly run out, so I am hoping that for Christmas I get restocked. Moreover, I do love a fun face mask....and the ones from Holler and Glow are a great pressie too!

New Purse

I am a sucker for Gucci.... However my bank account disagrees. Last Christmas I treated myself to my lovely Gucci Bag. (Gee is the cutest.) I currently have quite a big purse, and its a pain and slightly unsafe to be carrying around. I really love this purse, its cute, its pink, its Gucci.

Clothes Clothes Clothes

WELL... I am a fashion student, so there was obviously going to be a couple of clothing on this list. I think clothing is a great thing to buy for someone you know well, or they sent pictures (like I did to my Mum), if not another good idea is to get them a gift card. For my birthday, I received a Topshop card, and I bought bits that I loved. It's a good idea huns. These are from Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and Missguided.

Vogue Subscription

Another fashion-y present, University mentioned to us to constantly be reading magazines etc, so I mentioned to my mum that I'd love a magazine subscription. As many of my closest pals know, I also LOVE collaging and creating mood boards, so these magazines would be feed my creativity. This present is a bit out the box, and a bit more meaningful... something more suited for a loved one.

New Prosecco Glass

(Hopefully filled with some bubbles!) I've always had my 'own special' Prosecco glass at home. Yes, I'm extra. But recently my last rose pink tinted glass broke in the dishwasher. Sad times. So this is a need to get me through the Xmas period.... and well most Sunday lunches. But, how pretty are these Lakeland glasses!

Make- Up

One of the most common presents you can give to a lady. Below are 2 of the products I've nearly run out of, the eyebrow pomade (that I normally use Anastacia Beverly Hills, and im willing to try a cheaper alternative) and the Rimmel London foundation. Moreover, I love a nude eyeshadow palette I love this Benefit 'Big Beautiful Eyes' palette.

Chocolates (And a lot of em)

Isn't this just on everyone's list? Isn't this just what everyone is hoping for? I can't wait to have a box of chocolates, sitting in front of the television watching 'Gavin and Stacey' Christmas special with a glass of bubbles. AKA heaven. BRING ON CHRISTMAS!

Bath Shit

I love baths, honestly my happy place. Anyone else just finds it so calming. These three products are the 3 different types of baths I have (Just go with it). So the Dr Haushka Oil is for the relaxed, de-stressing, calming bath...and it smells insane. A lush bath bomb, is like the Friday night of the bath bomb world, its fun and playful. The bubble bath product is a mixture of both. I've asked for all 3 lol.

New Trainers

This time last year I was lucky enough to get some chunky Nike trainers. However, due to the consistent wearing of them. They are slowly falling apart :( I would LOVE Balenciaga's, and a girl can dream. However, they are way too expensive. These Calvin Klein trainers are pretty similar and a 1/4 of the price. Winnerrrrr!!!!


Last but not least, these funky and cool posters from Desenio are right up my street. I'm in love. Many of my friends would agree that there my vibe, I'd love to add them to my room. I constantly love to add my room... And in case we do move house any time soon, these are always good to keep. This is another more personal present that is a bit more meaningful. So when I am buying Christmas presents for, think about them as an individual.

Well there ya go hunnies, my 10 Christmas present ideas. I hope that gave you some inspiration for others and if not then maybe for your self.... Have a lovely and fabulous week! I will be back this time next week! See you then!

Love Mols x