My 12 #OOTD's Of Christmas.

Happy December, and oh how its christmassy right? Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas decorations... the list goes on. Well- I have 2 weeks left at University, working on my final unit and I cannot wait for my break. My blog plan is every Sunday up until Christmas Day, there will be a new blog post, I will try my best!

SO I thought I'd do a lil autumnal look book... and even though the title is festive I will not be dressing up as an elf. It has been a while since i've done a fashion-y blog post, I've been focusing on more of styling vids on my IGTV, however... I have chosen 12 outfits, 6 are based on my wardrobe essentials, and 6 are based on certain occasions.... (I've thought long and hard about this)....

So below are the 6 examples of my Wardrobe Essentials, that are perfect for autumnal weather with a Xmas twist-

A Fluffy Coat-

Right, yes it does look like a dressing gown, but embracing it though, especially in this weather. Also, this fluffy coat is a bit of statement with the animal print. I love it. I'm wearing it with a maroon jumpsuit from Pretty Little Thing. I have worn this to a Narnia themed party event last Christmas. But I feel like the this coat is so versatile as I've also worn this with a tracksuit set lol!


Even though these are all year round wear.... this is perfect for the rainy crappy weather. Anyone else currently hating how its dark by 4pm? I love Mom Jeans, I would never go back to skinny jeans now. These Ragged Priest jeans are funky as they are a little shiny, so I was like it goes with the tinsel vibe (imagination huns!) I've paired it with a basic black tee from Marks and Spencers, simple.

A Knitted Jumper -

Now, if you want it to be festive go ahead the world is your oyster, but I'm going with the basic 50 shades of grey jumper, from Pretty Little Thing which is comfy and warm. Paired it with my Gucci Bag and pleather joggers from River Island, these joggers are my go to currently, because they mix comfort and style and that is what I am all about now!

Animal Print-

A trend that will never go out of style. This bodysuit from Boohoo, is a fav of mine (massive thanks to my friend Izzy who bought this for my birthday.) I think this is more of an out out outfit, because it is quite low cut... I wore it for a date night. I added a gold clutch bag from Katie Loxton which says 'Sparkle Everyday', a lil motivation there, and my pleather joggers have made a return.

Jumper Dress-

I LOVE THE PLAYBOY X MISSGUIDED COLLECTION! OH MY GOD. Honestly this is perfect for both daytime and nighttime looks, YES to love versatility and so bloody comfy. Paired with a buckle belt from Topshop to make it a bit more figure hugging... Fun fact- this was bought from Ebay after it was sold out. :)

Slogan Tee-

This isn't just a Autumnal essential. For me, this is a lifetime essential. Honestly, my love for slogan tees will be forever, I just think there so versatile. This tee is from Missguided, and paired with these velvet flared trousers that are from Band of Gypsies, making the outfit a lil more smart and less basic....

And below, these are the Occasions/ Events outfits-

Christmas Markets/Winter Wonderland-

How cute is this outfit? Just add a bobble hat and boots and you are ready for a mulled wine. I'm off to the chrimbo markets in Manchester, and I will defo wear this. I will forever live for these Missy Empire jeans, paired with the Topshop chain belt and a one shoulder bodysuit from Miss Selfridge, makes the outfit a little dressy. THIS COAT IS A HEAVENLY MARSHMALLOW... its from Zara, ultimate warmth.

Christmas Movie Marathon-

This outfit screams comfies in front of the fire vibe.... (Comfies are my favourite, not even ashamed but this is what I wear daily.) However I have worn this to uni, with my big animal print coat. This cropped jumper is from Pretty Little Thing (they have them in 10 different colours, they are super comfy) These joggers are from Missguided and I love the two tone.... however, not the best option to wear in rainy weather.

Family Dinner Out-

A lil dressy, a lil party, a lil comfy= a happy Mols. This time of year I love a baggy outfit (after all i've eaten it is very important.) However this lovely knitted dress paired with a statement Topshop chain belt adds a different element to the outfit. Another big coat is a necessary, and this is from Brave Soul. I also love this little Moschino clutch, as it adds a lil pop of colour!

Date Night-

Something you can wear any time through the year to be honest, but I'm off to The Ivy in Manchester, so this with some thigh high boots I think would look quite 'rock chic'... Moreover, what better way to show how much you like your date than wearing their clothes (hehehe), this t-shirt is from Off White, and I love it! (Thank you Ben!) In addition, can wear with tights and trainers and you got a cute day outfit...

Off To Uni-

Right. Travelling in London in this weather ABSOLUTELY freezing. Be like Shrek and wear layers. I also always go for comfort, especially as I commute and I'm studying! It is a big necessity. These army cargo pants are from Pretty Little Thing, and this jumper (literally so comfy) is from Missy Empire.

Party Time-

I am not a big glitter gal, but I do love dressing up. I mean who doesn't? This bodysuit is the closest imma get to being a human tinsel (I mean it is Christmas) it is from Topshop. I love these cargo trousers from Boohoo with my buckle Topshop belt and some little silver heels.... and its Party Time!!!

Ah well there you go hunnies, felt like that was longer than intended but I hope it inspires you for your December outfits..... Or even if it makes you excited for certain events. A lot of these pieces I mix and match and adapt, the beauty of having such versatile clothing.

I'm getting so excited for this time of year now! Have a lovely beginning of December and I'll be back in a weeks time!

Love Mols xx