Molly's Fashion Week

HI HUNS!!! How is everyone? Anyone else just waiting for the weekend?

We fashionistas have heard of London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, but I am bringing youuu *drum roll please* Molly's Fashion Week, live and direct from Essex... excitement is an understandment :)

London Fashion Week just finished last week, and whilst I've just had my freshers week in London at Fashion Retail Academy... I thought what a fab opportunity, to celebrate the LFW, being inspired by the trends all whilst living on a budget (I am a student) goes.

Below are examples of some mood boards I created, using pictures from some of the Fashion Week Catwalks, from Paris and New York, including the trends and vibes I'm feeling!

(Sources from

Trends from NYFW include: Tie dye, Animal Print, Quilting, Purple, Relaxed Suiting, Psychedelic Colours, Patchwork

Trends from PFW include; Chartreuse (Lime Green), Feathers, Checkerboard, Leather On Leather, Notice Me Shoulder, Red Tartan, Statement Hats

have some more ...

(you huns know I love mood boards, hoping I'll be able to create some for uni hehe)

Sadly, we can't dress like this on a daily basis, nor can we afford clothes by design brands including Vivian Westwood, Balenciaga, Ellie Saab, Chanel and Louis Vuitton every time trends change. So your fashion godmother is here, and I've found cheaper alternatives, based on the fashion trends straight from the catwalk.....

Clothes in the above mood board include-

Mesh Tie Dye Top- Missguided

Feather Bralet- Boohoo

Leather on Leather- Topshop

Animal print- Boohoo

Purple Bodysuit- Pretty Little Thing

Relaxed Suiting- Zara

Chartreuse Dress- I Saw It First

Quilting Jacket- Boohoo

Checkerboard Denim Set- Missguided

Notice Me Shoulders Blazer - Pretty Little Thing

Red Tartan Skirt - H&M

Statement Hat- Pretty Little Thing

Patchwork Skirt - Topshop

Psychedelic Fur Coat- Missguided

Sooooo.... with all that research and inspiration.... I've chosen 6 of the trends I'm going to be styling myself..... Welcome to the Molly's Fashion Week.

The 6 trends I've chosen are.... Animal Print, Tie Dye, Notice Me Shoulders, Purple, Leather on Leather,and Statement Hat...Are you ready for it?

So in order of the pictures above-

The Animal Print Playsuit from Boohoo, was a birthday pressie, haven't worn it as of yet, but I am a fan. Animal print is my favourite trend at the mo, and I would wear this happily. Pair it with a black leather jacket and thigh high boots, what a fab autumn outfit.

The Grunge Tie Dye T-Shirt Dress from Pretty Little Thing paired with a strap belt from Topshop, is perfect for a 'day out' outfit, style it with ankle boots and its a serious rock chick vibe.

The Notice Me Shoulders Blazer from Topshop is a VIBE. I love blazers currently, and I am really taking inspiration from Molly Mae, her Pretty Little Thing collab is amazing also Missguided has some bright blazers as well. They are so versatile, you can wear them with anything.

The Purple Slip Dress with Jumper both from Topshop, the knit jumper makes the dress a bit more chill, and kinda autumnal as the dress is light and summery. Pair with chunky trainers and you got a lunch date outfit.

The Leather Jacket from Bravesoul and Leather Skirt from Topshop, is an outfit I wouldn't wear as I feel like its a bit too much. Separately love them, but feel l can't wear it out in my opinion.

The Statement Hat from Topshop styled with the Pretty Little Thing Jumper and Black Cargo Pants from Topshop, make this simple basic outfit a bit more classy and in ya face. I would actually wear this hat, with jeans and a blazer, just got to be careful of hat hair lol.

Huns, what is your favourite trend? I'd love to see you guys style ya fav and email me them at, and I will share them on my social media!

Ah well, there ya go... a lot of fashion-y stuff going on in this blog post, but I loved doing this post, it's my passion and I hope you feel like you've learnt and been inspired! Its been fabulous for me as well, learning some up and coming trends and being creative, this is literally pumping me up to start properly studying at Fashion Retail Academy!

Eek I can't wait!

Hope it makes ya want to go shopping and do some stylin, I know I do....

Enjoy the rest of the week, I'm off up to Manchester this weekend, so blog post pending.

Love Mols xx