Manifest Your Dream Year

Hello you lovely people. Here is a belated Happy New Year, I hope you had good Christmas and New year celebrations, considering the weird circumstances we are all living through. I enjoyed doing nothing with my days over the festive period, and it was well needed. Anyways, I am writing this during the week that Lockdown 3.0 has started, and well here we are again. Personally, I don't feel as anything has changed; in Essex, we were living in Tier 4 restrictions anyway and apart from virtual learning for university all the same. Besides my mentality. Yes, I am Miss Positive currently, and forevermore (I pray!).

No this is not a cliche new year, new me. I am still very much Mols, just willing to adapt and change my lifestyle. And how will I pave the way to achieving my goals and aims in 2021 you ask? Let me introduce Bossy Girl Group. A community where Joanna (the founder) coaches, creates events and supports female business leaders whilst creating a sisterhood. And on Wednesday 6th January, between 7-8:30 I sat down on my sofa with my journal, a green tea and I went to the virtual (and free) event 'Manifest Your Dream Year'... and I am feeling like a motivated Kween, let me share my the PositiviTEA.

Let me start by saying Joanna is the loveliest lady, it was so heartwarming to see her mention her growth as a businesswoman, her first virtual event had 25 people, 'Manifest Your Dream Year' had 170 people. The zoom event started with an inspiring introduction of a couple of the amazing ladies who wanted to share their businesses. YES to female empowerment. Let us lift each other up, support one another, show kindness, and not tear each other down.

Yes, I agree, that the concept of attempting to set goals during a pandemic is so difficult. I relate to feeling unmotivated especially with the new lockdown and this Groundhog Day we are living in. However, Joanna's advice was to be clear and specific with your 2021 goals, the universe loves specificity. If we have all learnt something after the last year we had, is that you won't be able to control everything.

Reflection Exercise:

The first exercise of the event was to reflect on all that you've achieved in 2020, to sit and realise how much was achievable in the face of a pandemic, so who knows what can be achieved in 2021? It's your year, so go and get it. Joanna's top tip to feel successful day in and day out is to list daily achievements, it'll make you realise how much is achieved (and it also gives you some well-need self positivity.)

Below are just some examples of my achievements throughout 2020:

Professional: Internship, Grades, University

Passion: Blogging, Content Creation, Brand Collaborations

Self Care: Learning to Slow Down, Self Confidence, Therapy

Treating Myself: Prada Bag, Tattoo, Holidays

Visualisation Exercise:

The second exercise was to visualise yourself on 2020 NYE and ask yourself the below questions. Then visualise NYE 2021, and ask the same questions, as well as explaining your life in broader terms e.g. your career, your lifestyle, your house etc. When I did this, God, I felt good.

Who were you with?

What were you doing?

Where were you?

How do you feel?

On 2020 NYE I was at sitting on my sofa at home (like the rest of the UK). I was with my family, we were drinking, eating and watching TV. Once the clocks hit midnight, I felt exhausted, unmotivated and disheartened. I imagine I was not the only individual feeling that way.

2021 NYE, I hope to be out at a restaurant, somewhere lively with my closest friends and family celebrating our successes of 2021. For me, that would be my graduation. I would like to be working, or gaining some experience in the fashion industry, and depending on where my career takes me (geographically) I would love to have my own flat. (We can all dream right?) I will feel proud of myself and grateful for 2021, as I achieved a lot (and holding a new handbag!)

Calendar Exercise:

You're most likely now asking yourself how can I get there? I want that life. With the next exercise, it's achievable. We had to split our page into 4 columns '3 months', '6 months', '9 months' '12 months', and under the final column bullet point your end of year goals, and work back to now and make them realistic. For example, my NYE goal of new job/industry experience means I need to work hard and get good grades, so I can graduate come Autumn and be on the way. Another example is I want to buy the Dior Saddle bag, so I need to start saving up to £100 pounds per month to make doable, starting ASAP.

Joanna explains this exercise is a visual learner, as by splitting up these milestones over time makes them doable. Also, Joanna recommends sharing this with another person, whether that be a friend, your mum or on a blog post. It is easy to write them in a journal and thus keeping it to yourself. But putting these goals into the universe, speaking them out, decides that its going to happen. You just got to work for it.

Vision Board Exercise:

Time to manifest and make your dreams a reality. Joanna mentioned that putting goals in front of you, whether that be on your wall, next to your bed etc, it triggers your subconscious brain. Therefore, create. a vision board (see mine below!) It was so much fun to add imagery to your thoughts. My friend and fellow blogger Tamika recommends a to-do checklist to prepare for 2021, including create a vision board in her Sunday Edit no. 13, read here.

An example of something you might want to add on your board: if you want to buy a flat this year, then search through Pinterest, find the aesthetic you like, and enjoy your pinning.

The first full week of 2021 complete, we made it guys. And we are all ready to achieve goals for 2021. Every achievement is a small win. I hope you enjoyed the first blog post of the new year. I wouldn't have been able to write this blog post, share my manifestations, my goals, my aims for 2021 without the virtual event from Bossy Girl Group. So thank you Joanna, I can't wait for the next event in the near future. I hope you all have been inspired to manifest your dream year, go get it!

Love Mols x