Good Morning, this time last week, this Essex gal ventured all the way up North to Manchester for a night to see Ben, and wow I had such a fabulous time. I feel so thankful for being able to travel and explore, even if is to grey and rainy Manchester, and god how it raineddddddd. If you have never been go!

So little 'Dora the Explorer' took Manchester, and well, I can't wait to go back up there.

I arrived about 2pm, it is a 8 hour round trip for me, so, a lot of travel.... met Ben at Manchester Piccadilly, and was greeted by torrential rain... Happy Saturday! We took the Metro (the tram) to the hotel, and I felt like a proper little tourist me.

Saturday daytime we went to see my pal Mimi, who moved up to Manchester to work at Boohoo, basically LIVING MY DREAM!!! It was so nice to see her, as its been a while, she seems so happy, we had some drinkies and it was lovely. She's become like a mentor for me, as well as a friend, due to the fact she's a blogger, she works in Fashion and did a similar degree to me.

After having a catch up, Ben and I then went to All Star Lanes... and Ben beat me at bowling, I needed the barriers up and 100% he took advantage of that! If you have never been to All Star Lanes (There is one in London, and one in Bishop's Stortford), DEFO GO. It is a super cute activity for a date, we are looking at going to Dog's Bowl and Junkyard Golf as some more date ideas, if you have any other ideas send em over.

But it was lots of fun. More drinks, more laughs, honestly, I felt like I was on little holiday break hehehe.

Afterwards, we went for MORE drinks hehehe. So have another picture of me with a glass of bubbles, my fav accessory ;) After the weekend, I can only describe Manchester as a baby London, I LOVE IT. I felt like royalty, to be honest, whenever someone heard my southern accent, felt like I was the queen or something! After another drink, we went back to the hotel and started getting ready for our dinner out.

We went to this amazing restaurant called Fazenda, and the concept is insane! You get a little card one side is red and the other is green, when you want more food they bring over these skewers of meat. oh my daysssss, the steak, the lamb, the chicken. HEAVENLY. Meat sweats and the food coma was real. Whenever I'm with Ben, I seem to eat and drink my body weight. We then went for one more drink at The Alchemist before bed.

Another recommendation of mine is going to eat at Fazenda, theres a couple up North, theres a lot of restaurants I want to go to in Manchester, and I'm going up in a couple of weeks so can't wait to explore (and eat) some more, I know we are going to Trafford Centre so I can't wait for that!

Sunday zoomed past in a flash it felt like, our plans were brunch at The Alchemist, which was insanely good, I had my fav which was eggs Benedict! Then we had a wander round rainy Manchester. We went shopping, walked round Selfridges, sadly, as a student I just looked haha. Ben bought me some funky pleather trousers from River Island, I am a very lucky and grateful woman!

I left at about 3, preparing for the 4 hour journey home. And it was a little sad leaving Ben, after having a lovely day together. Luckily, I see him tomorrow YAY.

I feel very grateful how life is turning out, success and good things are definitely coming my way! Already had 2 weeks at the Fashion Retail Academy, and there is so much work I have to do, hard work does pay off.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I'm off to celebrate my mums birthday today, we are off to the races and then I'm off to London tomorrow.

Speak to ya soon :)

Love Mols x