I'm Back Bitches

Hi. Its been a while, hasn’t it? Almost 2 years since my last blog post.

I wanted to explain why my blog has been completely forgotten about. Well to be honest, I’ve been so busy!

I have always found writing cathartic, and I believe that this is the reason why I have come back to this online diary.

The last 18 months since my last post have been amazing, crazy, difficult and as cliché as I sound, helped me become the person I am today.

I thought I’d give you an update about how exciting my life has become.

· I have almost finished my Art and Design Extended Diploma and as good as it’s been to make some amazing friends, I can’t wait for it to be over and I can’t wait for summer. So far, I have got some really good grades and created some really interesting work that I will show you guys soon.

· I have also nearly finished my English Literature A- Level, 3 years of hard work and its nearly over!

· I am hopefully going to the Fashion Retail Academy in September, to study a Fashion Marketing and Communications Degree! I have always been so against university and school, but I am so excited for the next step of my journey as I love the FRA.

· I only went and passed my driving test!!!!! (4thtime), and now I drive around in my little fiat, singing to Ariana Grande.

· I’ve been so busy making many fabulous memories with my friends, in which they normally involve cocktails, dinner or face masks… I am so thankful for these ladies, for their support, for their advice and for their love. Without them and my family, these last 2 years would’ve been complete and utter crap.

· I have a personal trainer (her Instagram is @finfituk). She’s amazing! I have always had an on and off relationship with exercise and healthy eating. At the end of 2018 I become very unhealthy, both physically and mentally. Fin has helped me lose weight, made me enjoy fitness and feel better about myself. I love the feeling after working out, and it has been a blessing for my mental health.

· I got a tattoo. I know. The most shocking news ever. I got the word ‘strength’ in an arrow. The meaning for this is so important to me. It is a reminder that I have the strength to continue, even on the worst days. Something that when you need to remember when you are feeling low. Since then, I have been thinking of more tattoo designs, hehe!

I have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next coming months including holidays, fashiony posts, some fitness bits and anything else that happens in my life. 

I will make sure to keep you posted as much as I can.

Thank you for making time to read this, and I’ll be back very soon. 

Love Mols xx