Ma Portfolio

Hi huns, hope you've had a good week or so since my last post.

A week ago I posted a picture on Instagram of some of my recent art work I had created, for this new unit. Posting this gave me a bit of confidence, and made me wonder why I haven't posted a blog showing you guys the portfolio of my best work over the last 2 years at college.

At Writtle College I have created some really interesting work, that I believe showcases my passion, my skillset, and my style of artwork. therefore, I wanted to show you, explain to you the reasoning behind a piece of work. So if you are in need of some inspiration, this post is here.

Above- Trash Bag.

This was my response to the word Transfiguration, as I wanted to change the view of trash and turn it to something 'beautiful'. Furthermore, I wanted to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, especially with the effect of ocean pollution and global warming in the world. I love how bright and vivid this accessory is, as well as showing how much sweets and crisps we eat as a family.

Above- The Life Of Fire.

In this bright, warm series of impasto technique oil paintings I wanted to convey the journey of fire. From the beginning of a fire, delicate light flames to the main body of fire and slowing burning into the embers of a fire. I love the technique, the texture and the bright colour shown in this series.

Above- I <3 Fashion Magazines.

Over the last two years (and still now) I have just loved to experiment and collage with fashion magazines, it is my go-to thing to do, as my tutors and my friends know. In the 4 pieces of work I had to showcase this idea of coverings and layers, and therefore I experimented with printmaking, collaging, fabric and exploring my different ideas.

Above- Fashion Moodboards & Designs.

In these two examples, I wanted to show not just my final outcome to a brief, but also the initial response to an idea. Trust me, your initial ideas could be utter crap!! But you have to keep working hard and let your creativity flow. I loved creating my own pattern and brand of active wear, and this unit was a turning point, helping me with future decisions in my life.

Above- Black, White and Grey.

This page was just to showcase my techniques and skill set, rather than just showing my creativity and idea process. On this page there is a sample of the Impasto technique,a self portrait stencil and a repeated Lino print.

Above- Perfume Bottles.

I wanted to add some sketches I had completed, as I wanted to showcase my own development of my skill set. Many people associate art with drawing, and I can tell you now I HATE drawing and I am crap at it. A massive thank you to Izzy (her art Instagram is @isabelleellis29, she's super talented btw), she helped & taught me so much at Writtle, thank u hun.

Above- A Streetcar Named Desire.

In this piece of graphic work I wanted to link my two passions of artwork and my English Literature A Level. My perfume packaging conveys the 2 contrasting sides of Blanche Dubois, a character in the play A Streetcar Named Desire. I loved creating this final piece, as it really conveys my creativity and individuality.

Above- Vinyl CD Dress.

I completed this dress for an exam in my GCSE's, however, I thought it would be cool to add to my portfolio as I believe it is so cool. I love this dress, and when I created this dress it made me really love art, and was a big factor as why I decided to continue focusing and creating artwork.

I will miss studying Art & Design, as I have enjoyed creating artwork over the last couple of years. I will always be creative, and use my creativity in the future whether it be at the Fashion Retail Academy, future jobs, or just on a day to day basis. If you are passionate about something and you love it, you will continue to do it.

Thank you for having a look at my portfolio, see you soon.

Mols xx