Life Update: I'm Living My Best Life

Hello everyone, it has been a a while since I told you what has been going on in the Life of Molly. Well guys, there is a lot of exciting bits to update you on. Over the last couple of months life has got WILD amazing, and crazy exciting, and very very busy! So let's start this blog post with a bit of self-reflection and share with you my highlights.

  • At the beginning of April, I got offered a dream job, a Marketing Assistant role at the empowering brand Lethally Her. I was initially interning there and they offered me a long term contract. It was an utter shock, and I am very proud. I am in charge of their Linkedin and Facebook Group as well as writing their newsletter. Exciting stuff right?

  • I have spent the last two months loving my fitness regime, honestly it makes me smile. I have been working on my strength training, lifting 40-60kg on the regularly. Thanks to Fin! I also have been pushing my running, and bossing 6k's!

  • I love to support small brands. And at the beginning of May, I was kindly #gifted selfcare products from the independent beauty brand Lemon Collection, and I have my own discount code MOLLY20. Thank me later.

  • I have started my Final Major Project and complete my final semester at University, and 12 weeks until my degree is complete and a new chapter of my life begins. This is wild.

  • Last week I was offered the role of a lifetime and I am now the Social Media Manager at the beauty and self love brand Peace and Pure. I am still over the moon. I basically do everything marketing and social media from content creation, in charge of the Instagram, writing the newsletters and blog posts....Follow Peace and Pure here.

  • And most excitedly, at the end of last month I bit the bullet and decided to start my own lil' side hustle 'Noted' where my notebook products launched on Bank Holiday Weekend! Aka, I am building my own little empire!

So let me tell you a bit more about my small business. If you know me well I have always loved collaging. I would use old fashion magazines and I would create an extensive pile of artwork, or I'd cover my folders with cut up images from Vogue. Honestly, it is one of my favourite past times and a good lil passion project. Many of my friends asked me to create one for them, and I thought is this something other people would be interested in... so I thought let's do it, my little stationery brand 'Noted' was born.

Each month 2 limited edition notebooks will be launched until stocks last, so if you are interested this months design, get buying! Because once they're gone, they're gone! At the weekend, three notebooks launched 'Candy Skies', 'A Night in Paris', and 'Bright Eyed Girl' all at the price of £13.99. This includes Free UK Delivery. I have sold 8 so far, and 'Candy Skies' has already sold out! Treat yourself and buy one here.

This is *exclusive* information but alongside my notebooks, I am looking to create other products including A4 posters, Daily journals and affirmation cards. So watch this space. Obviously I wanted to create these products with hopes to inspire other people. That is why I love my platform. But also, I have booked a 2 week retreat to Bali for my 23rd birthday next year, and my Noted profits are going straight towards my trip away, so every little helps.

I have already designed this month's notebook designs and brainstorming what is coming next, but until then get shopping. If you can't purchase a product, please support Noted anyway you can- Share the Etsy page with friends, give the Instagram a follow here. For a small business, all the support means the world!

Love Mols x