Lets Get Mol-tivated (Inspired By Tennison Fitness)

A week ago, I had just completed a 7 hour fitness workshop that was organised by the inspiring Tennison Fitness. I was having a well needed bubble bath with a green tea, as I was mentally and physically exhausted after a fun-filled day. Throughout the day I tried different exercises from Pilates and Yoga that helped both body and mind. I felt relaxed, stress-free and it was a serious day of self care. Looking back, I would state the day more of a wellness workshop, than just a purely fitness workshop, but saying that, the next day I was unbelievable achey that a sofa day was needed.

The fitness timetable was:

9-9:45 HiiT Session with Robyn Tennison

10-10:30 Financial Empowerment with Amber King

10:30-11:15 Pilates with Robyn Tennison

11:30- 12 Strength with Robyn Tennison

12:15-12:45 Nutrionist Talk with Sarah Piercy

1-2 Fiery Yoga with Krystal Williams

2:15-2:45 Self Reflexology with Jessica Chapman

3-4 Meditation and Crystal Healing with Danielle Maynard

When I saw a mutual friend share this workshop on Instagram, I was intrigued. For an affordable £35, I thought why not, it would get my body moving, introduce me to new activities, and I would feel accomplished. Something I really wanted to do in 2021 is focus on the things that help my mind. Yes, that involves doing a face mask when I want, or taking some time away from my phone. But exercise is something that I feel helps my mental state the most, good endorphins.

HiiT Session with Robyn Tennison

We started the day with a full on sweaty Betty HiiT workout. Not how I'd normally spend my Sunday mornings, but this was a fabulous energetic start to the workshop. A 45 mins hardcore cardio session, that gets your heart pumping, sweat dripping and you feel like you're bossing it. I really enjoy HiiT workouts, as I feel like I am pushing myself and seeing results there and then (I get super sweaty!)

What I loved about Robyn is her 'realness' during her sessions. She was as sweaty and out of breath as the next person. Moves included: squat kicks, planks and the deadly deadly burpees.

Financial Empowerment with Amber King

One of the many reasons I choose this workshop is it is ALL FEMALE LEAD. Yes to strong successful ladies. This chat was a good opportunity for empowering and a rest after the HiiT session. During this chat, Amber (Creator of The Power of Her Money) spoke about the relationship women have with their money compared to men, the gender pay gap and how women look at money in terms of self worth and value. Coming away from this I felt successful, I believed in myself and I felt worthy. And that felt pretty good.

Pilates with Robyn Tennison

Before this workshop I had never tried Pilates, and presumed it was 1) for older ladies 2) relaxing. Boy, was I wrong. Pilates is all about the core, engaging your inner strength, and breathing. No wonder my core muscles ACHED the next day. Now, I know how nerve-wracking and anxious trying something new can be. But you might come out and realising that this new hobby helps your mental state, increases flexibility or if not, at least you gave it a go. (PS, I will definitely be trying Pilates again, once I recover from last weekend!)

Strength with Robyn Tennison

Once I have completed my 30k charity challenge for Cancer Research (in less than a month!) I want to challenge myself in a different point of view, and try to increase my physical strength. In this training session, we did on the minute every minute for each move, including moves such as Kettlebell swings and overhead lunges. Robyn gave easier and harder options depending on your fitness and mobility, so you can challenge yourself as much as you want. I came away from this 30 minutes session, feeling accomplished and very sweaty.

Nutrionist Talk with Sarah Piercy

Food glorious food. My favourite topic. Whilst listening to Sarah, who discussed her favourite foods, what her go to meals are, and her advice on bloat and diet fads, I enjoyed (and needed) a lovely light lunch. It was delicious. Some of the key points I took away from the Q&A chat was no foods will help with fat loss and the biggest misconception in nutrition is restriction in diets, food should make you smile. So, the same evening I had a slice of chocolate cake and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fiery Yoga with Krystal Williams

Through the period of Lent I have involved myself with the '40 Days of Self Care' challenge by You Grow Girl, and the week prior to fitness workshop I tried yoga for the first time. I found it hard, even if it was for beginners. This yoga session with Krystal was dynamic, fluid and fiery. And Krystal was so motivational, but I cannot balance at all. There were a lot of moves I struggled with. It is an activity I definitely will try again, as it calms me down and makes me sleepy. Practice (and YouTube videos) makes perfect.

Self Reflexology with Jessica Chapman

This was one of the highlights of my day. I had heard of reflexology before, as my sister had this type of therapy on her feet. However, I was intrigued to discover how we can use zone therapy on ourself, to ease stress, and help your body work better. This interactive and educational session taught by Jessica, was honestly so engaging. I learnt how to do reflexology on my hand, to help bloat, stress, and back pain. We also did a relaxing facial session, because we all need a little self care session.

Meditation and Crystal Healing with Danielle Maynard

Out of the whole day, meditation was the wildest but most influential experience for me. And I must thank Robyn and Danielle to introducing meditation into my life, and it will for sure help stress levels, especially with university deadlines. This was a perfect relaxing end to the workshop, and was something new for me to try. Before last Sunday, I had heard that meditating was a hard activity to do, but in all honesty I just focused on my breathing and relaxed. However, I will admit it was mad when I could feel the energy vibrations from the earth through my body.

Three things I learnt from this workshop:

1) Say yes to more opportunities, try new things, like virtual events, workshops, etc. And you should too.

2) Exercise is so important, and by exercising it benefits both mind and body.You will feel amazing afterwards (and a bit tired!)

3) Support small/ independent businesses. Support the communities around you, they need support more than celebrities and influencers.

Thank you for reading, I hope I motivated you to ask yourself what new hobbies and interest's you can discover throughout the new month. Love Mols x