Let's Save Our Planet

Hey, hello, hi, thought I'd discuss something important in today's blog post, so let's talk about saving da planet, I know that seems crazy but I've got a couple of things I've been using/ stuff I've been doing, hoping it'll help change the future of the Earth.

We hear it every where, we see how it's changing our Earth environmentally, global warming, David Attenborough programs, those terrible videos of the oceans filled with plastic, and optimistically, I think if every person changes aspects of their life it will benefit our planet and the future of our lives, and future generations.

Vanilla Latte's

Sadly no, drinking 7 cups of coffee daily won't help get rid of plastics, but the vessel you drink it in will. Now, I love coffee, especially a Vanilla Latte. It became my saviour during exams, or when I was at college, I had a coffee at least once a day, but I was using a cup that you drink from once and you bin.

So instead, I bought a reusable cup from Starbucks and you can take it to any coffee shop and they will refill it for you (if you go to Starbucks you get a discount!) Obviously, you do not need to go and get a Starbucks one, any reusable cup will work, it is a good change especially if your a coffee or tea lover like me! In addition, one use plastic water bottles are also terrible for the planet, instead, I use a water bottle that I refill every day. An easy and cheaper change.

Fast Fashion

Did you know that fashion is the second biggest pollutant after plastics? We have started to make a change with plastics, including the use of straws (our family use metal ones, my friend Finola has bamboo ones), recycling, and shopping bags. However, what about fast fashion? I learnt about this shocking fact during Stacey Dooley Fashion Investigation Programme last year, and it was shocking how companies like H&M, Primark and Pretty Little Thing affect our world. However, I have now been seeing some companies making clothes out of previous used materials and also allowing customers to bring back clothes from their store.

Like many young adults, we like to change clothes with the change of trends, and as someone who has a love for fashion, shops that sell constantly changing clothes are cheap and easy to buy. I am planning to take some of my clothes to Charity, and I also am planning go to the Fashion Reboot in Ipswich (theres a couple around, have a google) where I will be selling some of my clothes to other fashionistas so they can get more use out of them.

Goodbye Cotton Pads

All you beauty skincare peopleeee, listen up! So, I take off my makeup with micellar water and cotton pads, (it is better for your skin than makeup wipes!)

However, I realised how many cotton pads I was using and how bad that was for the planet. So instead, I found some reusable cotton pads from Amazon, that are more expensive than a normal pack of cotton pads, however, benefit the planet greatly. Once used to clean ya face, pop them in the little bag, in the washing machine with your dirty clothes, and you have 18 clean reusable cotton pads pending. Trust me the little changes like cotton pads, can make a difference if a large number of people make a difference.


Now I love eating meat, and that won't ever change. I mean I had a steak this weekend. But, since changing my diet due to a healthier lifestyle and my fitness, I have learnt more ways to eat veggies in a yum way (shoutout to my PT Finola, she's made me so many vegan dishes that I've enjoyed), I have tried cutting down my meat intake especially red meat. Before I would have a steak a week, now I only have it on special occasions. :)

Anyways, just thought I'd share my tips of changing ya lifestyle to help the planet, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend tho, and you enjoyed the sun, had a BBQ and I hope you start the week thinking about some of the changes you can do. I have a hectic week, but there is a LOT of exciting stuff going on in my life. A lot of London trips, MY 20th BIRTHDAY and off to Paris to celebrate, and not long till I start my course at Uni, so I will 100% keep u updated.

Thank you for reading, and have a good week.

Love Mols xx