Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

'Alexa, play My Favourite Things'.

I'm back again, I am getting so good at this whole ghostin' thing guys. Sorry.The thing is, I have been writing content so much currently, but it is not for The Life of Molly, but trust me time will tell, and I will share as soon as I can... (I am so bloody excited, I could scream.)

But hey, I thought I'd pop on here share a nice little review of my favourite things from 2020, and even though I am drinking prosecco in the main pic of this blog- low and behold, this post is not about keep reading. But how the hell is it March already, literally what the????? Someone enlighten me.

I've decided to categorise these products I'm lovin right now- as though it is different food types, yes I'm a little mad but you should know that by now.

So Protein- Beauty Products, Veggies- Lifestyle products and Carbs (aka the best part of a meal, gimme that pasta) is fashion-based products. Are you ready for the best meal of your life? I hope you're hungry hun.

My Fav Beauty Products

- Foreo Luna Mini 3

- Beeyu Face Masque

-Any Dermologica Products To Be Honest

- Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Hair Pack (long name sorry)

These are all a recipe for a perfect relaxing chillaxin pamper session, you can thank me later...

The Foreo Luna Mini 3 is literally a gift from God himself, it is honestly the best thing to happen to my skincare routine. I thank Molly Mae for showing her Youtube followers this vibrating face brush thing, it has an App that can change the frequency of the vibration. Anyways, now my skin is GLEAMING and CLEAR, I am now confident enough to not wear makeup, I'm a happy gal.

I will always recommend Dermalogica, sadly im not an official #skinfluencer, but I will forever promote their products. They got it going on. The Clear Start Foaming Face Wash, is something I use daily, religiously and without it I'd be lost. Just last weekend, I did the Charcoal Face Masque with my boyfriend, it freshened my skin up after a day of wearing makeup. Works Miracles.

Now, the Beeyu Face Masque is the most scientific face masque I have ever had, it has bee venom in, yeah I can visualise your face rn. SHOCK. Don't worry, it works wonders. its all natural, and you can wear it all night for an intense treatment as it is like a face cream.

Lastly- my hair is a mess right now. These storms that keep popping over to the U.K, nah, my hair doesn't like it. But this lovely, NATURAL and SUSTAINABLE conditioning hair mask, which smells like I'm in the Carribean (a lovely experience, when its rainy and cold outside) works wonders. (It is from Tescos btw.)

My Fav Lifestyle Products

-Urban Outfitters Daily Planner

- Neom Bath Oil

-Spinning Class With @finfituk

2020 mood, work hard, so you can relax hard.

My Urban Outfitters Daily Planner (aka my 'admin') sorts my life outs, plans my food planner, calendar, tells me what shit I gotta do, which at the moment is a lot. Does anyone else love writing lists, if so, my advice- buy a daily planner!!!

You might be thinking that the Neom Bath Oil should be under the bath products, well imma disagree with you. For me, baths are my form of #selfcare and a part of my lifestyle, after a busy day at Uni, baths are my safe haven. No joke this bath oil smells insane, relaxes me and makes me sleepy. Light a candle, get a book out, listen to ya bath playlist. RELAX.

Weird as this isn't a physical product, but I had to mention it. Spinning class with my PT @finfituk, tbh any exercise session with her I love. My current favourite thing is exercise. During these session, she plays banging tunes, she got them disco lights and most of all she makes ya work hard. YES.....

My Fav Fashion Products

-Missguided Jeans

-LissyroddyxMissguided Collection

-Kendall & Kylie White Blouse

-Topshop Chunky Trainers

I am living for Missguided right now, honestly they are stealing my heart. But I hope you get some #fashioninspo, here goes...

For Christmas I asked for the Pretty Little Thing Ripped Jeans from Molly Mae's Collection, and well sadly, they didn't look good on me, I definitely had put on some Christmas weight. Instead, I found this perfect ripped jeans from Missguided. Not even ashamed, I can't stop wearing them. Embracing it hun.

When I saw this drop, I fell in love at first sight no lie. Lissy and Missguided created this collection, and it completely embodies her style (@lissyroddyy), I bought a couple of the lounge wear pieces, and they are the best things I have bought recently. SO comfy, SO stylish, SO yas. (check out how I style them on this IGTV video...

If you had told me that this would be something I'm loving, I would've laughed. I have tried to become more mature with my style in 2020 (I'm still loving slogan tees and joggers tho). But this blouse from Kendall and Kylie, I adore. I recently wore it with my new fav jeans, but I think it will definitely be taken out again soon... Lucky devil.

Lastly, shoes darlin. I have received these new Topshop grey chunky trainers, and I tell you what they are a vibe. I love chunky trainers. I wear these with jeans and a slogan tee, black joggers and a bodysuit and maybe when it gets a little warmer a midi skirt, oh how I can't wait for the sun. The fashion world is our oyster.

Well there ya go, your own shopping list to have a nice fine dining situation... but honestly, these lil reviews are all honest, things I have loved since the beginning of the year, that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy, and I will be back very very very soon. I have a lot of exciting content coming, see you in a couple of weeks.

Love Mols xx