Happy Manc-Mas

It is 10 days to Christmas (WOAH, holy moly!) This is the third installment of my #blogmas... if you haven't had a chance to read my last two posts check them out.

I thought I would tell you all about my festivities up north in Manchester. If you are planning to go up to Manchester to go to the Christmas Markets, which I'd truly and honestly recommend, like it is so much fun but word of advice wear a big coat and lots of layers- ITS FREEZING. I swear down, up there its so much colder than London... (I don't know how.)

SO- I travelled the 4 hour journey Thursday afternoon with a delicious cheeky Nando's and slept the whole way, making the journey go a little faster. The first part of this week has been hectic involving University deadlines, IGTV filming, packing and PT sessions. I'm actually so excited to go on my lil break in Manc. Things I have planned to do- Date Night at The Ivy, Gals Day Out with Ben's Mum, Dominoes Night In, Manchester Christmas Markets, Christmas Decorations and Movie Marathon.... It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmasss!

As you can see I was layered all up, ready for the winter weather! I arrived to the dark n grey Manchester with all my bags, trekking towards where Ben works (dramatic lol)...we took the bus back to his and we both rushed to get ready for DATE NIGHT woop woop. I love date nights- I love dressing up and having a glass (or couple) of bubbles.. However, I also love sitting in pjs having a glass of bubbles which we did also, (best of both worlds huns.) Dinner out at The Ivy was lusshhhhhh. The ambience was amazing, the food was delish, too share we had steak tartare, for main I had blackened Cod and Ben had fillet steak... twas perfect.. YUM!

Good morning, I woke up with a headache on Friday, but prepared for a gals day out with Ben's mum, Keri. We had a fabulous day out.... We didn't have brekkie so was famished...I introduced Keri to Yo Sushi- we ate like queens and had a bottle of bubbles to share. We had Katsu chicken, beef teriyaki, rice n noodles, katsu rolls etc etc etc AND Keri tried raw tuna, which she hated but I'm proud anyways! We were planning to have an educational, artistic day out, and look at galleries and museums in Manchester, however, we went shopping instead. OOPS.

We went on a wander around River Island, Topshop having a little explore around Manchester Arndale, and Santa came early thanks to Keri.... she bought me some bits including this AMAZING COAT from Topshop- no joke, I've been wanting a new coat for ages and this lil beauty is now mine. Look how smiley I am hehe :)

We went home and had my fav - dominoes. I have had a serious food coma whilst being in Manc but well.. its christmmasssssss!!!!!! I had a little pizza, garlic bread, chicken wings and dominoes cookies. I was so snoozy afterwards...

YAY. It's Saturday the day of the exploring the Christmas markets, and oh god how exciting. We had a lazy morning, tucked up in bed watching Come Dine With Me, and we went to look at some flats as Ben wants to move out next year! They were so lovely, really spacious as well. Ben and I were lucky enough that my parents offered us a hotel in Manchester City centre, we stayed in 'Malmaison', an absolute beaut of a hotel and the beds wow *heart eyes*. (look below for the funny boomerang of Ben!)

We both had a bubbly bath, and wrapped up like Christmas presents we went to the Manchester Christmas markets. In my opinion, these Christmas markets are 10x better than Winter Wonderland, I love the vibe, side note- we met 2 friendly northern couples who could definitely tell I was a southerner, but were so friendly n chatty. So we had a couple of drinks, I had a mulled wine or two (a winter fav for Christmas), Ben and I had a bratwurst, a dance and we saw BIG SANTA!

Sundays, these are made for a Christmas movie marathon and putting up the Christmas tree!! As I missed doing it back home, Ben said we could do his tree together, however he was in charge. After a morning in Manchester town, we came back, and I obviously watched Love Actually, my fav Christmas film ( I've already watched it about 3 times this Christmas.)

Moreover, having a catch up of the Strictly Come Dancing final and had a watch of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special, anyone else can't wait for this year's Christmas special OH MY CHRIST. We literally just mullered bangers n mash, thanks to me! It was delicious..... perfect Sunday evening. :)

Lastly, its time to go back and enjoy the rest of the time here, before a busy Christmas. What have you been up to over this weekend? I hope you had a FAB-U-LOUS weekend and I'll see you soon.

Love Mols xxx