F*ck Being Humble: Clap For Yourself

Hi Guys, Merry Christmas! How has life been treating you? It feels like many many many moons since I was last sitting here, drinking a cuppa, behind my laptop, and well talking to you. And what better way to wish you all a fabulous Christmas than by gifting you this blog post. Yes, I am OFFICIALLY back, just in time for the end of another year... December is the ultimate perfect opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened in the last 12 months, the good, the bad and the damn right ugly... so it's time to buckle up and reflect huns!

Last week I went to a virtual Zoom Workshop (I know how VERY 2020 of me) but I couldn't help it. This was a self-reflection workshop, called Clap for Yourself by the iconically named business 'Fuck Being Humble' that aims to help with self-promotion, personal branding, career advice & confidence. Because we ALL need a mood lifter and confidence boost right? As humans, we sometimes struggle to identify our successes, and then we get judged for celebrating these successes whether that be professional, personal, large or small. You are your own cheerleader, and it's crucial to clap for yourself.

During the workshop, the founder Stefanie mentioned a lot of key learnings to self reflect like a BOSS.

Reflect on ALL Wins, Don't you Dare Focus on Negatives

First of all, I get it the last 2 years have dealt us all a lot of *shit*. But there are so many beautiful wins we have all achieved. When you don't self reflect, you don't give yourself the credit you deserve. Even if it getting out of bed on a Monday morning, hun, I salute you.

Therefore I recommend making self-reflection part of your daily routine, the same as committing to skincare or heading for a run. The two major ways to do this is to check your calendar and your photos for trigger points that make you feel good about what you've achieved. It is important to measure what is important to you, and don't waste energy on the comparison of others.

Ask Urself These Q's:

  • What changes have you made this year, that have created positive results?

  • What was one positive piece of positive feedback that you've received?

  • What did you think you did a good job this year?

  • What are you proud of trying?

  • How have you helped others?

Tell People About Your Successes, Don't Be Modest

If you don't go telling people what the F you have been up to this year, don't expect a pat on the back. So go ahead, update your Linkedin Profile, call up a friend to tell them your good news, or go to a networking event. Shout it from the rooftops! I'll start...





One of the ways Stefanie mentions how to clap for yourself is making self-reflection a reward. One of the ways I will incorporate this is going out for drinks with the gals to hype each other up (and who doesn't love a cocktail) or in a more professional POV, encouraging reflection at work in weekly meetings.

Show Yourself Gratitude

Sometimes, imposter syndrome hits us like a brick wall... I will admit that I have said 'oh, it wasn't me, I couldn't have done it without this person...'. No, nobody has got YOU to where you are right now. So stop with that negativity and just allow that gratitude.

I also think when we self reflect on our journeys, we ignore the successes that weren't *successful* in our eyes. But don't ignore them just because it wasn't perfect. Life isn't perfect.

Ask Urself These Qs:

  • What do you want to thank U for?

  • What would other people thank U for?

Lastly, repeat after me: ''I will not minimise my achievements for toxic people.''

Well, have a fabulous Christmas (we deserve it!) I will see you in the New Year guys, let's go smash 2022!