Eat, Sleep, Self-Care, Repeat.

Hello, how is self isolation treating you? I hope you are well. I have been busy, focusing on my uni work (deadlines are next weekend), blogging, internship work and staying sane, as much as I can be. As you guys know I am a lover for self-care, I am all about face masks, candles, bath time... some of my favourite things, we really need to take this time to focus on yourself, your goals and having some serious downtime. Whilst being on lockdown, I have tried my best to give myself some lovin', both mentally and physically, as it is important to look after yourself, and I'm going to share what I've been doing with you guys.

Physically, I have been doing a lot of exercise, and a lot of walking, fresh air is a big fat yes when you are stuck inside all day. One of the best things for mental health, is exercise. Exercising has been a bit of a lifeline throughout the last couple of years, and is really important during the time we have had in self isolation. I am a sucker for a HIIT session, and I've shared a lil 30 min workout inspired by the routines I've been doing recently with my PT @finfituk (obviously over FaceTime!)


(Each move for 45 sec with 15 sec rest, and repeat each move 5 times)

Move 1- Burpees

Move 2- Lunges

Move 3- Jump Squats

Move 4- Kettlebell Swings

Move 5- Switch Feet

Move 6- Mountain Climbers

Mentally, I have been pampering my brain, minus all my uni work and deadlines and starting my internship (all about that in the next blog post); reading has become my favourite pastime. I am on my 5th book of the year, as I write this. A personal recommendation of a book thet I have read in 2020, is 'You are A Badass', by Jen Sincero, I was recommended it by a pal when I was having uni struggles, it honestly has helped so much that I've now recommended it to a couple of my friends, who might need a helping hand or a reminder how awesome they are. It is a good read, really inspirational and motivational, something crucial in life and especially in today's world, we all need guidance to reach our true bad ass self.

I personally feel like self isolation has been a good time for me to do the stuff I don't normally get to do, one of the books I have read this year is 'The Testaments', the second book of 'The Handmaids Tale' (one of my fav books ever, and a really good TV series as well!) I had 'The Testaments' since end of last year, and I didn't have time to read it, until now. I've also been doing my blogging, IGTV and my new website 'The Bloggers Bible'. If you also have something you want to do, start a blog, read a book, learn to draw, take a short course in sign language (shout out to my sister). DO IT.

So now down to the serious nitty gritty bits, get ya face masks out hunnies!!!! During this period, we all need a little spa session. Shout out to my mum who actually made a real life spa in our holiday home 'Sam's Spa', aka a little piece of serenity in this weird time. Mols Advice- Read a book in ya bath, listen to a chill playlist, light a candle and enjoy a proper pamper session.

Sam's Spa Treatments


Head Massage

Pedicure & Massage


Hair Cut & Dye (lol @ Lotty)

Full Body Massage

I've had a pedicure, a facial and a couple of massages so far, and no lie, I think mum should think about a career change. I was so bloody relaxed, in my facial I nearly fell asleep (oops!) Sam's Spa is open every Saturday afternoon, a nice treat after the week, and a chill time after cleaning in the morning. I normally go straight from the Spa (the spare room) to the steam room (the bath) to get the ultimate pamper time. Aka, living my best quarantine life. One of the first things I will be definitely doing after lockdown is going to have a facial, some beauty treatments and treating myself. Praying mum will continue Sam's Spa in the future, she has also made Sambucks Coffee (which I am a big fan of!)

Another thing I have done during lockdown is creating my own DIY Homemade Face Masks I used the face masks from InStyle mag, link here..

I had so much fun doing that, and it is super easy to do as all the ingredients (to the left) are accessible to buy.

It is such a good thing to do whilst we are in self isolation, with your family, kids will love it, partners, and having a pamper session with your friends over FaceTime. All whilst giving your self some lovin'. In the near future, I plan to also check out some DIY hair masks, which will be really fun!Check the vid out on my instagram @thelifeofmolly99.

During lockdown, (besides going slightly nutty) I feel as though I have stuck to a routine, doing the work I need to, and have made sure to do the stuff I want to do. In my opinion, I think this is so important when we have no distractions to do the things we love. However, I do miss 'normality'... Please share with me what you have been up to during Lockdown. And remember to stay home and safe!

Love Mols x