Hi, how are you? Hasn't this month flown by.

I have been off university for the month of May and I have tried to create as much content as I can, from blog posts, to articles on The Bloggers Bible, to releasing a t-shirt collaboration with a independent sustainable brand and filming IGTV's, wow it has been a big FUN month. I have tried my best to keep inspiring you all (and inspiring myself), whilst also interning. Before I go back to studying hard again tomorrow; back for another term of hard work, dedication and pending deadlines. Here I have my last spur of inspiration this month.

Last weekend I did my own Tie Dye, which was uber fun, and a massive trend right now, literally scroll through your instagram feed, go browsing online stores and tie dye is TRENDING massively. And instead of buying a pre made tie dye t-shirt, here is a lil' guide to how I created my own. Something perfect to do in the sun, with your friends or family (socially distanced of course) and something you can enjoy whilst still in lockdown.

I did it completely homemade from using food colouring, the result I think has been successful, however the pink has faded a little bit. But most importantly I had fun doing it. Obviously if you want to go out and buy a tie dye kit go ahead, but we all have food colouring in our kitchen (especially as it is cake central right now.) Have fun and experiment :)

Here are the instructions I followed to create my DIY Tie Dye T-Shirt -

This is what you'll need-

  • A plain t-shirt (anything plain eg socks, shorts etc)

  • White vinegar

  • Plastic gloves

  • Water bottle and push pin (we used bottles that had a squeeze lid)

  • Floor covering (like plastic or old newspaper)

I am not going to run through it step by step as some are longwinded. However is a brief guide into how I DIY tie dyed.

The first thing you have to do is leave your clothing in vinegar and water for an hour. Measurements- 2 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of water.

So whilst this is soaking, have a cocktail in the sun or watch an episode of your favourite series with a brew. My sister and I are watching 'Dead to Me', another Netflix recommendation. Once your t-shirt, socks or whatever has soaked for the hour your kitchen will stink like a fish n chips shop, sorry guys. You need to wring it is so it is damp, and then you are ready for the next fun step.

Then, second step is to add your little elastic bands on to your piece of clothing to make a pattern, I added quite a lot in a random sort of way, as I wanted to create a super experimental and fun pattern. I had no method, each to their own guys. Do it however you want to do. Then once this task is done. Go onto the next step....

Put the food colouring into water bottles, Measurements-120ml of water to 8 drops of food colouring. It says to use 2 colours as you don't want it to go all like mushy coloured. Then squeeze the colours over your clothing, however ya want. Be as free as a bird. Tip- place ya finger over the lid to have more control over the liquid.

Then place it into a little bag, we used Tescos freezer bags and leave for minimum 8 hours. I left mine for a day, wanted it to have the right POW (yes, this is a technical term.) So go ahead, have another cocktail, enjoy the sun and have a BBQ- you deserve it you DIYers. After these 8 hours, you need to rinse out your tie dye clothing with salt water solution, measurements- 250g of salt and 120ml of water, and after just rinse through with normal water. Leave to dry on your washing line, and you have your own little DIY tie dye addition to your wardrobe. All home-made and easy to do. DO not wash with any product for 3 weeks...

How fun was that though? Another little something to keep you busy during self-isolation. Check out the time lapse below of the journey above (I mean who doesn't love the time-lapse!) And please share with me your own DIY tie dye creation, send it via email, messenger or DM. I'd love to see it!

Here is my final product (and I love love love it.) I definitely would Tie Dye again as it was easy, enjoyable and well as a fashionista it is a major trend. Might even buy some shorts to Tie Dye with the tee, or maybe a t-shirt dress, my creative juices are flowing and I am ready for my own DIY wardrobe.

I can't wait to style it, wear it (constantly), and I hope you try this out.

Now back to reality- June, a big month, can't wait to share what happens in the next month, we are moving into our house- so a blog post id pending and I'll be back as soon as I can be!

Have a fabulous month, and stay safe. Love Mols x