DIY: Paint N Prosecco

Hi, hope all ok huns!

Over the last two weeks, I've been in contact with a pal who mentioned doing a DIY leather jacket design, she thought it would be right up my street and a good use of my time as I'm currently chillaxing.

So on Sunday my friend and amazing artist (@bethfreemanart) came over to spend the day with me, and with her guidance I created my own design on a leather jacket, with creativity and the prosecco flowinggg, as well as a break in the hot tub chatting over another glass of prosecco and a lotta snacks and a BBQ ( including a dance to Kylie Minogue at Glastonbury), it was a very happy Sunday!


As common knowledge, I bloody love making mood boards (hehe), they are, honest to god, just one of my fav things to do! But they are actually extremely helpful, with anything your trying to gain inspiration from, to tattoo designs, designing ya house, or clothing. So as I was new to DIY jackets and painting on leather, I went onto my trusty friend Pinterest, and I created the mood board below. Obviously, all the examples below are professionally done and mine was just about having fun and trying something new!

I took little aspects from all of the jacket designs I liked and merged it into my jacket design, where you can see below....

Step by Step Guide of My Jacket Design-

Step 1) Make yourself a drink, have some nibbles (I made us a mezzo board), put on some throwback party music and have fun. Creativity doesn't always have to be hard work and a stress, however, I was a little nervous to be honest as this was all new to me. To start with, I decided to do a line drawing of a crescent moon, in a light grey, it was nerve-wracking as I didn't want to mess it up, but as the wise Beth Freeman did say 'as an artist, you learn how to hide your mistakes'.... I think the best thing to do if you create something like this, is not to think just let yourself go, and enjoy it!

Step 2) So yes, second addition was the flower mushiesss.... ( a very artistic and technical term huns) I was feeling the whole rose gold, pastel, delicate vibe that is shown on my jacket. so yes the flowers, erm, no certain technique I just moved my brush freely to create a sort of petal shape. I found this easier than the line drawing, because it looked more abstract and therefore more comfortable to me, anything that has to look realistic to me makes me nervous. I just layered on the colours making it mush it together and hoped for the best :)

Step 3) When creating ya design, think about composition, my design had three sections, the moon, the flowers, and the stars. I made sure that it linked all together. In my opinion, my design is quite basic but I enjoyed making it. I hate painting, but I look at my jacket design and think you know what I did well! However, all this painting is thirsty work, so make sure you have plenty of bubbles in the fridge. :) Also- food to help you power on through- halloumi, crisps, ham and salami, peppers and humous! Make sure to reward ya hard work, Beth had a steak and I had a chicken wrap!

The Final Product & A Celebratory Drink-

I felt very chuffed with myself, and my efforts with what I did independently. The whole process took about 3 hours, with regular food and drink breaks, and having good ol' chats with Beth. I can't wait to model my jacket and show my closest friends and family what I created! I'm definitely up for doing some more DIY fashion bits over time, I am thinking next up on the list, is doing a t-shirt design with Beth!

Have a lovely rest of the week, and remember it is always good to push yourself, whatever you do, for me, this was a new skill that I developed in a fun way! Maybe, think of something you want to try and DO IT!

Love Mols xx