DIY: Bubble Candles

Picture this. Easter Weekend, I had just completed my 30k charity challenge, I was dolled up, Radio 1 was playing serious throwback tunes, I was sipping on a Pornstar Martini and mum, Lotty and I were making our own DIY Bubble Candles. Heavenly right? For context, I bought these 'do it yourself' candle making sets from Aelia Home as a present for Mothers Day. I thought wow, this would be an exciting thing to do, a little bonding session and something we had never done before. AND it was so much FUN, and also it was super duper easy! (Saying that, Lotty still did her's wrong!)

Each box included easy to do instructions, a reusable bubble candle mould, 2 wicks, wax, the wick holder and a free teeny bubble candle, that was honestly the CUTEST.

The whole package was £20, which I personally think is so affordable and worth the price, as the experience was really enjoyable AND you get a really amazing result from it.

If you want to boss your own DIY Bubble Candles, buy the kit here.

So you are probably sitting there sipping on a cuppa tea thinking, how do I make a bubble candle? Well, please keep reading- I'm going to show you.

You might be thinking: can I do it, even if I'm not creative? YES. It is as easy as 3 steps. Literally. You got this, I believe in you.

Step 1-

Pierce the bottom of your mould to place the wick in. Remember to only make 1 hole as the wax can leak. It is also crucial to keep your wick straight, otherwise it will burn weirdly.

Step 2-

Melt the wax given and pour it in into into the mould. So pour the wax into a bowl, place over boiling water on a hob, and wait until it turns into liquid. To make this extra safe, we poured the wax into a jug so it didn't make a mess or burn us.

Step 3-

Wait for 3 hours or longer to let the wax set (have a couple more Pornstar Martinis, relax, and watch some tele!) Once set, release from the mould and you're ready to go. Remember, to place on a heat proof material when burning.

Then bam you're done, and how easy was that right? Just remember that your candle will be flipped over so make sure you have enough wick at the bottom. Lotty did this the wrong way round and hers looks a *little* funny. Oops.

Here's my final product, and I'm very proud. I am definitely looking to creating some more bubbles, maybe some other different shapes, and fragrances. Who knows, maybe a little side hustle pending...

But honestly, it is such a fun and easy thing to do, whilst benefitting your mental health. Research suggests that crafting like making DIY Candles is much more than just an outlet for personal expression or a way to pass the time. Crafting can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase happiness, all of which can help fight depression. Which is something we LOVE to see.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and if you do create your own, please share them with me! Have a lovely rest of the week!

Love Mols x