Dermalogica Masterclass: New Products, Georgia Toffolo and Manifesting

One of my constant 'pinch me' moments is the fact I am a #skinfluencer for my favourite sustainable skincare brand, Dermalogica. Read my first blog post about Dermalogica here. One of the reasons I am so grateful to be a Dermalogica #skinfluencer, minus the #gifted products, is the fact I get invited to amazing and fun-filled masterclasses like the one I did a couple of weeks ago. During this exclusive masterclass, the brand shared their newest products, a Q&A with their lovely brand ambassador Georgia Toffolo and how to manifest with the inspirational manifestation coach Kira.

Dermalogica has recently released two*BRAND NEW* Clear Start products, that I was kindly gifted this month. I want to announce first and foremost that this new packaging is made from RECYCLED materials, and that excites me. You know me, Sustainable Kween over here. Also, these products are targeted for the age range 18-25, and if you are interested, you can shop the products here.

First up, the Micro Pore Mist. This refreshing spray minimizes, brightens and controls oil. The benefits include reducing the appearance of pores (after one use), brightens skin and the appearance of post-breakout marks, calms and soothes, while reducing excess oil. Use after cleansing, both AM & PM, or throughout the day when needed. I got you. Ingredients such as cucumber extract (which smells GLORIOUS) refreshes the senses for a cool pick me up. The witch hazel, green tea and matriarch flower extracts provide a pore-lightening effect. The wild rose hip flavonoid complex is a pore-shrinking technology that reduces shine and minimises appearance of pores. And lastly, vitamin B3 helps diminish the appearance of post breakout marks whilst brightening and evens skin tone, perfect for those who are dealing with maskne/ stress spots at the moment. Aka me.

Did you know people who struggle with oily skin often have dehydrated skin and this causes skin to compensate by producing too much oil? Well, the second product, Cooling Aqua Jelly, gives us all the dewy glow and none of the shine. Use as the last step in routine, both AM & PM, you can thank me later. The cooling aqua jelly reduces excess oil and refines the texture of the skin, and hydrates and cools skin, ideal for the coming warmer months. Especially as the jelly is so lightweight it's PERF. As well as calming and soothing while brightening the skins appearance. Bet your questioning how it works, right? Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, locks in moisture and deeply hydrates, the blue algae extract, the blue tansy flower oil and blueberry extract helps to hydrate, calm and sooth, while providing antioxidant benefits. Lastly, the bioflavonoids complex is a retinol-like ingredients that helps reduce excess oil and refines breakout prone-skin.

In the second part of the masterclass, Georgia Toffolo (best known for her Made In Chelsea career and her time in the jungle for I'm a Celeb) shared her skincare journey, where she previously hated her skin, side-note: SHE WAS GLOWIN. Her go to products including my favourite Dermalogica product Clear Start Foaming Wash and chatted about all things Dermalogica. One of the top tips from Georgia, was she leaves the Micro Pore Mist on her desk and uses throughout the day, and even on top of makeup. She shared it made her feel refreshed, when she needed to get back to work. So I will be trying that through the mountains of university work. *sigh*

Last but not least MANIFESTATION BABY. Introducing Kira, a manifestation coach. She shared some serious positivity, her journey to discovering manifestation; if this is something that intrigues you, she recommends the book 'The Secret', go 'head get your goals. Kira shared her 5 steps to manifesting. Because good skin starts within. Radiate positivity.

Step 1- 'Decide what we win.'

The first step is the most important, but is the most challenging. You need to be courageous. When struggling with lack of confidence, low self-esteem and negative thinking this is hard. (Talking from experience)

My e.g. 'I want to graduate with a 2.1/1st.'

Step 2- 'Taking out the trash.'

This step mirrors your daily skin care routine, similar to using a face wash to getting rid of all the dirt and bacteria. This is getting rid of the clog in your brain, for example anxiety.

My e.g. 'I am not worthy. I am not smart enough.'

Step 3- 'Imagine your best friend.'

Your bestie is saying the above statements, and what would your response be?

A) Yeah you can't do it. B) Do you know who the F*** you are! Therefore, talk to yourself like option B.

My e.g. 'Girl you can do this. You have worked so hard. You have made everyone proud, and you should be proud of yourself.'

Step 4- 'Visualising end result.'

By visualisation, your brain practices the result. Its right there, in your grasp. You just have to go and get it. Ways to visualise: mood boarding, drawings or a little synopsis. Read more here.

Step 5- 'Ask for your sign.'

When asking for a sign, you are asking for evidence. Also, the universe will give you a sign to let you know, and through this step you can track and celebrate your manifestations.

E.g. 'Angels, show me a sign of a feather in the next 48 hours.'

There we go, a whistle-stop tour and a behind the scenes to a Clear Start Dermalogica Masterclass. It's amazing right? But honestly, I swear by (forever and always) this brand. Some of my favourite products and go-to recommendations are from Dermalogica.

Dermalogica know their S*** and that's why it works.

I hope you enjoyed, and speak soon. Have a fabulous week. Love Mols x