DAMuary Blues

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020. Feel like this is gonna be an INSANELY good year. Positive mindset huns.

I had such a lovely break from blogging and vlogging *sigh*, Christmas was amazing and I spent New Years celebrating in St. Ives in Cornwall, which was so relaxing. But I'm back, ready for the new year and the new decade (woah). I hope you had some fab celebrations as well. So, I've just come back from Ben and I's first holidays to Amsterdam- which was a blast, sad to be back to reality tho, I've got them serious DAMuary blues. :(

I thought I'd show you some piccies, and a video of our trip away. Instead of a running commentary imma just tell you all about my highlights, but please feel free to just scroll down and watch the video to see more about my holibobssss.... Not only does a picture tell a 1000 words, but a vlog tells ya about a million. LOL.....

The Highlights for Me were the Canal Cruise (so beautiful), Moco Museum, it was full of modern artwork, such as Banksy and I loved it. We were proper tourists and we went to 4 museums including- Museum of Handbags and Purses, Moco Museum, Rijksmuseum, The Van Goph Museum and we also went to the Ajax Arena (that was Ben's choice, DEFO not mine!)... If you haven't been to Amsterdam before, do go, it is beautiful there with lots to do, but be prepared for the scent of weed. No joke, I couldn't wait to come home and smell a candle.

Moreover, we also wandered all around the centre, Vondelpark and the Red Light District. On the first day we walked like 25,000 steps, my feet oh my days. I loved the architecture of Amsterdam, tis very pretty and romantic. However, bikes are literally bloody everywhere.

The food we had there was also INSANELY good...... we went to Black and Blue steak restaurant, Bazar Greek Restaurant, Pimp Steak, The Chicken Bar (the only names I remember sorry huns!) The meals were just yum, I have eaten so much food including fish, pesto pasta, pizza, crepes just to name a few. Food Coma was real. Detox January is starting N O W.... smoothies and salads are pending, and no alcohol.

Amsterdam at night is actually beautiful- like woah, weird concept but I think I actually prefer it at night... with all the pretty lights and the ambience, seriously I am missing this trip. However, it was so BLOODY cold. In addition I wasn't a massive fan of the Red Light District, not my cuppa tea.

It was such a perfecto trip, and Ben and I had a lot of fun together.

Defo a city break recommendation.... if you have any more recommendations for trips away, send em my way. So please enjoy the video below (it takes a lil bit to load so bare with), it is so nice to watch it as it is so lovely to rewatch these memories of our first break away! So even if you don't want to share it with others make these videos for yourself. There is my first tip of 2020 huns.

I have one more week off and I'm then back to uni, after being off for so long! Starting new units which i'm quite excited for including Visual Communications, Brand Management and Consumer Behaviour... And I am now officially back to the gym with my Personal Trainer, Finfituk and healthy eating, blogging and filming IGTV vids and doing uni work. I can't wait to share what goes on this year with you huns...

Lots of Love, and have a great January!

Molls xx