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Holy Shit… It’s a New Year

It’s been a hot minute since I was last here, I’m even a redhead girlie now. But, hey, Happy New Year. How are we doing?

Firstly, truth be told, there have been times when I have sat down at my keyboard to update you all on what is happening in The Life of Molly - but as soon as I even started to jot notes down, life did a serious 180, and nothing I wrote felt relevant anymore.

However, the start of this new calendar year brings the opportunity to get back into things I love. Therefore, I have decided every month of 2023, there will be a fresh chapter for you to read.

2023. 12 chapters. Let's do this.

So, there’s been a LOT going on since my previous blog post… Time to reflect

  • After graduation, I have had two full-time social media agency jobs both were great experiences and I learnt a lot about myself and my values

  • I fell in love in 2022 and my boyfriend Rhys and I have now been living together for 3 months. Hello, #adulting

  • Last year, I explored different parts of the world, from Disney Paris, Spain, Malta, Austria, Wales and the birthday trip of a lifetime: Bali

  • Bali was the most magnificent trip where I really learnt a lot, from being comfortable in my solitude, trying surfing, and learning to love yoga and meditation, to wellness habits I now use in my daily routine

  • I got two new tattoos last year (sorry Mum)

  • I gained serious self-confidence to head to the gym on my own, and smash out my workouts

  • I was sadly made redundant and have since spent my unemployment focusing on my own content creation for my Instagram, and am a bit of a wellness girlie on there now iykyk

Now onto the goals for this year, we are entering our slay era

  • Get a job I love and am excited to wake up for, finding a job has been very difficult for me and my mental health, and this chapter has taught me to have a PMA (even in the hardest times)

  • Sticking to a consistent gym routine and dry January. My current workout split is: Sprints & Pull, Cardio Mix & Push, Form by Sami Clarke Online Class & 3.12.30, Pump Class & Incline Walk, Bodytone & Sprints, Legs & 3.12.30, Form by Sami Clarke Online Class & 3.12.30

  • Read 23 books (4 down, 19 to go)

  • Travel to 3 new places in the world, we already have one in the diary for next month

  • Try and cook more, at least cook one new meal per week- so far so good. I have made seafood linguine, fishcakes, beef wellington

  • Keep creating content I love on my Instagram, I honestly love letting my creative flag fly when creating my lifestyle-oriented content

  • Trial 6 new creative hobbies, because we spend too much too time binging Netflix, let's get creative

  • Stay committed to the habits that make me feel good- journalling, reading, a good gym sesh, HGW (hot girl walks) or a nice soak in the tub, all whilst listening to all my favourite podcasts

This Month’s Vibe: Living like you have been diagnosed with lucky girl syndrome, and believing everything works out for you - speak it into existence (Thanks Tiktok for this trend)

This Month's Little Moments that Mean the Most: Delicious Sunday Roasts when it's cold and rainy outside

This Month’s Favourite: Miley Cyrus- Flowers aka a perfect self-love banger to sing in the shower

This Month’s Win: A brand-gifted reel of mine hit over 8K views on my Instagram, the highest viewed content of mine #proud #celebratethesmallwins

This Month’s Rec: The 5 Minute Journal is a great starting point for those who don't know how to journal and it only takes 5 Mins for those busybodies

This Month’s Motto: Rejection is redirection

And that's a wrap! If you can't wait another month for February's blog post, I got you! Keep up with The Life of Molly every day and check out my IG here!

Love Molly xoxo


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