Catch Flights, Not Feelings

Hi guys, happy Sunday, and it is a very happy Sunday for me....IM GOING ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I cannot wait to go away huns, I am so excited!!!

I go away for about 3 and a half weeks. Nearly a month of sun, sangria, Spanish food, relaxing, chillaxing and sunbathing. YAS!

I feel as though my holiday is broken up in parts though. The first week my best friend, Izzy, is there so get to have little gals holiday (I can't wait to share all that with you, be prepared hehe!) Second week, it is just mum and I, which will be great to relax, read our books, have cute dinners together, proper gal time. Then the final couple of days, another bestie, Brigitte, is coming out for a couple days. She came out last year, and it was so much fun! So much is going on when I'm away, and I will definitely keep you as updated as much as I can!

I have been considering what I wanted to blog about before I go away to Spain as a little 'preparation post'. Before I went on my holiday to Barcelona, I did a 'travel essentials' post and I wanted this to be a little different. So I thought; well, airport outfits, everyone wants to look FIRE when they're flying but comfort is also a BIG MUST. I'm all for trackie bottoms, hair tied in a messy bun and shades covering the Gucci bags under my eyes. Travelling is tiring.

But below, I've styled 5 different outfits that link comfort and style together for the airport as well as being good chill outfits also!

Outfit 1- Glam It Up

Bodysuit- Topshop

Joggers- Pretty Little Thing

Bag- Nakd Fashion

Outfit description- This outfit is for the 'I wanna partayyyyy' and 'I want to sleep on the plane' look, something we can all relate to. These PLT joggers are the comfiest. I wear them around the house a lot, and they are perfect for travelling. They come with a matching jumper btw, defo bringing that. This sparkling purple bodysuit from Topshop is a party must, they also come with matching shorts but the bodysuit dressed down with these joggers adds a little glam to ya airport outfit!I love love love this bag. Clear bags like this one from Nakd Fashion are a big Instagram trend rn, I think they're really funky and adds an element of style to this outfit!

Outfit 2- Don't Kill My Vibe

Joggers- Missguided

Jumper- Tee and Cake

Bag- Louis Vuitton

Outfit description- This outfit is a 'don't touch me, I need a Wetherspoons breakfast right now'. DON'T KILL MY VIBE. This whole outfit is just comfort and homely, the tracksuit bottoms are from the Barbie drop from Missguided (thank you Fin for giving these to me) they are comfy (and are elasticated which is much needed after my Spoons brekkie!)

The cutest crop jumper, from Tee And Cake (cute brand there by the way, I have a t-shirt from there with spice girls on but instead of Posh and Baby spice, it has different spices like chilli oil and dat, very punny and cute!) LV Bag, doesn't need an explanation.

Outfit 3- Sporty Spice

Cycling Shorts- Asos

Jumper- Escapology

Bra- Fila

Outfit description- When you have a gym session at 7 and then ya flight at 10... hehehe. I love this outfit so so so much! This is bit more suited for warmer weather destinations, I do find that with travelling, you go through like 700 different temperatures, so this is a good outfit for when you land in a sunny country and you get hit by that warm air (one of the best feelings.)

The cycling shorts are from Asos, I use them when working out so are comfortable. The cropped jumper from Escapology, is also comfy, and I think a vibe. I'm all for Calvin Klein and Fila undies, they my fav.

Outfit 4- Americana (Coffee Please)

Dress- Missguided

Denim Jacket- Topshop

Bag- Gucci

Outfit Description- T-shirt dresses are the one (I have 4 from Missguided). They are super for a smart casual outfit. You can dress it up, add a chunky belt and thigh high boots and you have a dinner outfit, or for a day time outfit, dress it down like I've done, Topshop denim jacket and Adidas trainers, perfect for the airport huns.

This whole vibe is really red white and blue (very American), not intentional but I'm feeling it to be honest. The star of this outfit is my Gucci bag, literal flames. The best bag I've ever bought. Sometimes accessories make an outfit, rather than just adding to it, and this bag definitely steals the show.

Outfit 5- Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Jumper - Missy Empire

Trousers- Topshop

Bag- TK Maxx

Outfit description- CUTEST OUTFIT EVER. Out of all of these outfits this is my fav one, its so pretty oh my days. I think its really versatile, you could definitely wear this out for dinner, going on a date, shopping. The sky is the limit. The crushed velvet trousers from Topshop, are insanely comfortable n so softtttt. The fact they match with my little clutch from TK Maxx is so pleasing. You can find some steals from TK Maxx.

As everyone knows I'm a sucker for slogan tee's and jumpers, this one is motivational and powerful, am I right ladies?

So there ya go hunnies, hope this blog post gives you some outfit inspo for ya travels, or just day to day style. Fashion is whatever you make it guys. There are no boundaries to individual style!

Lemme know what your favourite outfit is, so leave a comment below, thanks for reading guys. I'll keep you posted when I'm away! Get me on that plane!

Love Mols x