Boujee... (On A Budget)

Hi, happy Sunday. How are we all? I hope you have all been staying positive through the first month of 2021, considering these weird times. Some days I want to live under my duvet, and others I am ready to seize any opportunity I get given. I know times are tough. We got this though.

I've taken this time to create IGTV's, creative content and writing blog posts before the pending start of my final term of university. And well, here is a little background about what I'm typing about today...I have been wanting to write this post for a while now when my sister's boyfriend gave me this idea of sharing my affordable alternatives to clothes on the catwalk, and if I have examples in my own wardrobe. We all want to look like we just walked on the runway, but for a fifth of the price.

With further inspiration when reading my Vogue Magazines, during the 6 days between Christmas and New Years- I am finally getting around to writing this blog post...So grab a brew and enjoy this Sunday read.

From The Runway

Outfit 1- Marques'Almeida Spring 2021 Ready To Wear

We start this fashion inspired blog post, with an outfit that fits all our current livelihoods. This outfit reminds me of candyfloss, suited for a Sunday under a blanket with a hot chocolate. I adore the blush pink colour, and the material looks like soft cashmere.

Outfit 2- Paco Rabanne Spring 2021 Ready To Wear

The category is Jeans and a Cute T-shirt. And this Paco Rabanne outfit is my definition of boho-chic meets summer 2021. Just imagine, paired with a jug of Pimms in a pub garden. Plus, the trend that just keeps giving, any animal print lovers here?

Outfit 3-Balenciaga Spring 2021 Ready To Wear

If the last 12 months could be defined as any fashion trend, it would be loungewear. Over the last year sales of loungewear sets have rocketed, and I am very guilty of also jumping on the hype. The Balenciaga jumper and joggers set is a *mood*.

Outfit 4- Louis Vuitton Spring 2021 Ready To Wear

I love this tan coloured co-ord which would be perfect for a day at the office, Girl Boss vibes. Like most people, my current #WFH attire is pyjamas. But this loose-fitting style would be a perfect fit' for an evening out with my girls post lockdown.

From The High Street

Outfit 1- Nasty Gal Chill Out Wide Leg Trousers Loungewear

This loungewear set is inspired by the Marques'Almeida outfit above, but for a fraction of the price at £52. Both the sweater and the matching trousers are made from a ribbed fabric and are oversized. Perfect for everyday chills.

Outfit 2- Na-kd Leo Knitted Oversized Brushed Cardigan

No need to reiterate, but we are all living in comfies right now. And this cardigan from Na-kd looks like a stylish cloud of dreams and animal print, at £44.95 This cardigan features balloon sleeves with a soft knit and stretchy material. How cosy.

Outfit 3-M&S Cotton Be Kind Tapered Joggers and Longline Hoodie

Say hello to my new favourite collaboration Nobody's Child x M&S. Te Be Kind loungewear set in charcoal looks so comfy, and for £58. This laidback look with the embroidered slogan 'Be Kind' is a message to ourselves and others.

Outfit 4- ASOS Design Shrunken Dad Suit Blazer and Slim Trousers

I love the LV blazer suit, and when I found this ASOS replica, I adored it just as much, especially in this fiery red, smooth fabric and with an oversized style. Also, the total price of the co-ord is £73. Definitely an outfit suited for dressing up for the kitchen.

From My Wardrobe

Outfit 1- Boohoo Beige Co-ord Wide Leg Trouser Loungewear Set

First up, from my wardrobe. I bought this Boohoo Co-ord loungewear set in Lockdown No 1, when the loungewear addiction occurred, and it is so comfortable. Because it is loose fitted and wide legged, I find it is a little *dressier* than joggers and a tee.

Outfit 2- Missguided Animal Print Silk Loose Fit Shirt

When you look into my wardrobe, you will see three things; loungewear, animal print, and black. This shirt was a bit of a rouge purchase for me, but its always exciting to try something new. Paired with some mom jeans and boots, and you're ready for post lockdown life.

Outfit 3- Sisters And Seekers Grey Sweatshirt and Jogger Co Ord Set

Father Christmas treated me to a selection of clothes last year, and this includes this Co-ord set from Sisters and Seekers. It is a 2021 vibe, and only last week did it feature on my instagram, sharing how I would style it; with a long coat, and my white trainers. Ready for my daily walk.

Outfit 4- Missguided Brown Oversized Blazer

Last year, Molly Mae influenced me to invest in some oversized blazers that are so versatile to style, maybe with jeans, or cycling shorts paired with animal print heels or thigh high boots. I bought two, one white and one in a nude brown, and I love them.

This was such a fun blog to create, I loved doing the research and writing about all the clothes. I hope you enjoyed the fashion inspiration. It goes to show that a £1000 designer outfit can be recreated with a high street brand. So go ahead and open up your wardrobe and rediscover what outfits you can create using the catwalk trends I shared, or any others you've discovered.

Thank you for reading, and I will be back soon. Love Mols xx